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Sun JSE 6 released

Java SE 6 is the current major release of the Java SE platform, with full support from NetBeans IDE 5.5. Sun endeavors to foster the highest level of transparency and collaboration on the platform with the Java community through Project JDK 6, resulting in the following key features

Key Features

Java SE 6 Key Features
Java SE 6 features and enhancements to the platform are summarized in the Umbrella JSR (JSR 270). Support, Training and Certification optimize your use of these key features. »More
XML & Web Services
» XML home page
» Web Services home page
Scripting Language Support
» Scripting for the Java Platform
» JSR 223
Java DB and Database Support
» Database home page
» JSR 221
Desktop and Deployment
» Desktop home page
Monitoring and Management
» Monitoring and Managing technical article
» Security home page
» Native security services technical article
» Performance home page
» Compatibility release notes
» Compatibility home page

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