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Eclipse is 5 - Help Celebrate!

It has been 5 years since IBM first released Eclipse as an open source project. We think the success of Eclipse and the growth of the community over these five years is a great reason to celebrate.

An electronic birthday card has been setup to allow individuals in the community to show their support for Eclipse. Please feel free to sign the card and invite your colleagues to do the same. Individuals signing the card before December 1, 2006 will qualify for a random draw to win one of 20 Eclipse sweaters.

An Eclipse Product Wall of Fame has also been established to showcase all of the Eclipse based products that have been built over the years. We would like to invite all individuals and organizations to add their Eclipse based products to the Wall.

Finally, 29 local birthday parties have been organized around the world. These parties will be a great opportunity for people in the Eclipse community to meet in an informal setting. We invite you and your colleagues to attend. Please RSVP to the specific party, so the local organizer has an idea of the number of attendees.

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