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Oral English Training-Customer service

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Oral English Training-Customer service

1.                 Fire manager

l         Can you give me some details?

l         Could you descript…….?

l         Pls. correct me if I’m wrong

l         Unfortunately, I can’t comment on it at this time

l         You need give me some time to figure out what actually happened.

l         I need to hear both version of the story

2.                 Stand for employee

l         I know my staff they….

l         If it did indeed happen, I’m sure he has a…..

l         It must have been a misunderstanding.

l         One-off incident

l         An isolated incident

3.                 Solution manager

l         How about…….

l         Why not……

l         I give my world,I’ll look into this.

l         I’ve some options for you.

l         Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

4.                 defenstive manager

l         Are you kiding me?