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Oral English Training-List of Olympic Sports

Posted on 2008-07-01 21:43 诗特林 阅读(523) 评论(0)  编辑  收藏 所属分类: English

Oral English Training-List of Olympic Sports

1.         Hurdle

1).;110m hurdle.

2).障碍:overcome hurdles, face hurdles

2.         Chopping block

1).砧板.put on the chopping block

3.         Cream of the crop

1).the best

2). Cream 被广泛用于指代事物的精华,cream of the crop解释成best of the crop应该是非常符合逻辑的,而且这个短语的起源确实和庄稼有关系。189110月出版的the Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine上的一段话可以作为证据: "The great and unfailing demand that the canneries have made for California fruit has been largely a moving cause of this change from wheat fields to orchards, for the canneries take the very cream of the crop." 现在,best of the crop已经不仅仅局限于best of the crop的意思了。实际上,用短语bet of the crop来形容毕业生、大学生、政治舞台上的候选人以及士兵这样的有不同届、级之分的群体中的优秀人物是最适合的,例如: "The cream of the college crop is always just around the corner" (摘自《2001年旧金山年鉴》) 值得注意的是,这个句子的动词用的是单数形式。

4.         Only Fitting

1).适时的:It’s only fitting that we talk about the olympic games.

2)duly:You should duly provide me with my report.

5.         Second-string player


2) 替补后卫

3)second-rate player.

6.         Extension

1)      分机

2)      Extension 117 pls.

7.         Black and white

1)      黑纸白字

2)      明显的。Black and white result