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 四、   That 's ……                                                   真是个……

1.That's a great idea.                                                     真是个好主意.

2.That's a beautiful idea.                                                真是个好主意.

3.That's a good idea.                                                      真是个好主意.

4.That's a nice idea.                                                       真是个好主意.

5.That's a wonderful idea.                                              真是个好主意.

6.That's a good suggestion.                                           真是个好建议.

7.That sounds great.                                                       听起来很不错.

8.That sounds terrific.                                                     听起来太棒了.

9.That sounds like a great idea.                                      听起来是个好主意.

        五、    How about ……                                                ……怎么样?(表建议)

1、How about a cup of coffee?                                          来杯咖啡如何?

2.How about some beers?                                               来点啤酒如何?

3.How about seeing a movie tonight?                              

(  How about  watching a wovie/picture  tonight? )         今晚去看电影怎么样?

4.How about having a picnic this weekend?                     这个周末去野炊如何?

5.How about eating out tonight?                                      今晚去外面吃饭怎么样?

        六、 You look ……                                                    你看上去……

1.   You look so beautiful !                                                 你看上去真漂亮!

2.You look nice!                                                              你看上去不错!

3.You look great!                                                            你看上去很棒!

4.You look good!                                                             你看上去很好!

5.You look awesome!                                                      你看上去很棒!

6.You look like a million dollars!                                      你看上去棒极了!

       七、     Everything is ……                                       一切都……

1.Everything is OK.                                                    一切都好./一切顺利.

2.Everything is ready.                                                一切都准备好了.

3.Everything is going fine.                                         每件事都进行得非常顺利.

4.Everything's taken good care of.                           一切都没有问题了./一切都妥善处理了.

5.Everything will be just fine.                                   一切都会没有问题的.

      八、     Isn't it……                                                         这难道不是……

1.Isn't it a lovely place?                                                   这难道不是一个好地方吗?

2.Isn't it pleasant weather?                                              这难道不是个好天气吗?

3.Isn't it a coincidence?                                                    这难道不是一个巧合吗?

4.Is't it an interesting story?                                             这故事挺有意思的,不是吗?

5.Isn't it a wonderful idea?                                               这难道不是个妙主意吗?

6.Isn't it a strange dream?                                               这难道不是个奇怪的梦吗?

7.Isn't it a silly question?                                                  这难道不是个愚蠢的问题吗?

8.Isn't it a mystery?                                                           这难道不是个谜吗?

9.Isn't it a miracle?                                                            这难道不是个奇迹吗?

10。Isn't it a small world?                                                     世界真小,不是吗?