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PMP-利益相关者分析(Stakeholder analysis)

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(Process Report 7)Stakeholder analysis


1. Definition of Stakeholder:

Stakeholder is a person or company that is involved in a particular organization, project, system, etc., especially because they have invested money in it. Stakeholders are all the people, institutions or organizations who have an interest in the project being carried out (or in certain cases in it not being carried out).

2. Classification of Stakeholders:

They can be broadly divided into four focus groups: clients, customers, project staff and others.

2.1 Clients

l        Shareholders of Datang Teashop and the chairman of Datang share the right and obligation of all the things of Datang Teashop. They own Datang Teashop together. Good shareholders can absorb big investors or institutional investors. So whether you have good shareholders or not can decided whether the company can make a good profit or not.

l        Investors of Datang Teashop think Datang Teashop is worth investing because it will make a good profit.

2.2 Customers

l        Three customer focus groups are the most important targeted customer groups in Datang Teashop. They are Middle-aged people group, Woman group and Business customer group. For each consumer group, it has their characteristics, their geographic locations and special needs.

2.3 Project staff

l        The project management team: The Market manager and Personnel manager, who are responsible with running and profiting.

l        The project implementation team: The Direct designer and operator, who are substantial workforce in project progress.


2.4 Other stakeholders

l        The host body is the house-owner, the Home World supermarket. It is in charge of safeguard of the teashop and supplies the water and electric and something else of what the teashop needs.

l        Industry and commercial departments. We need to get the permission of the two departments so that we can manage the teashop legally.


3 Analysis of Stakeholders:

In our project, there aretwo private investors. They own the teashop together with the chairman of Datang. We mainly focus on four groups: clients, customers, project staff and others.

l        Clients: The shareholders and investors look forward to practicing the project successfully and increasing the profit.

l        Customers: For each of three customer focus groups, they have their special characteristics, geographic locations and special needs. And we can supply what they need after we finish practicing this project successfully.

l        Project staff: Each of the project staff must have good cooperation with each other. As management teams and members, they are well-educated and hard-working people. Some of them have good profession experience and honors.

l        Other stakeholders: They supply a good environment for Datang Teashop. We must get the permission from them.

Organization of Datang Teashop

Structure of Datang Teashop