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    ANTLR 的全称是 ANother Tool for Language Recognition,ANTLR 解析语法描述文件,将其编译成能够识别这些语法的源程序,可以这样说它是一个能生成“编译器”的“编译器”:)
    ANTLR 的作者在官方网站上说到:After 4 years of research and development, I'd like to introduce ANTLR v3!
    ANTLR v3 的新特性有如下几点:
  • a brand-new very powerful extension to LL(k) called LL(*)
  • an auto backtracking mode
  • partial parsing result memoization to increase the speed of backtracking
  • a really nice AST rewrite rule mechanism
  • integration of the StringTemplate template engine for generating structured text
  • improved error reporting and recovery
  • a truly retargetable code generator that makes it easy to build backends ("targets"); currently we have the following Code Generation Targets: Java, C#, C, Objective-C, Python with others in development
  • BSD license
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