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一、JSEclipse Benefits :: Improve the JavaScript coding experience

       Improve JavaScript programming in the Eclipse environment

      JSEclipse offers many features to improve programming in the Eclipse environment for JavaScript developers. Major things like code completion and content outline are combined with nice touches like editing helpers and occurence markers to help improve this experience.

      Code completion offers results from scanning open files, classes defined in XML files from the plug-ins folder and the all files in the same project, to offer better code completion suggestions.

      Integration with most features of Eclipse (problem reporting, outline, code templates) provide a familiar

二、JSEclipse Benefits :: Support AJAX development

       Common idioms and patterns support

       When you use a major JavaScript libary like Dojo or Prototype, you need to use common idioms and patterns used throughout that library to make better use of that library.

       JSEclipse makes it easy to follow this practices by understanding how code is written in these libraries and using that to power the code completion engine and outline panel. Also, code templates are available to capture repeatable snippets and make them easier to use.

三、JSEclipse Benefits :: Manage large code repositories

       Specific features for working with multiple large projects

       To help working with large codebases, JSEclipse offers a range of features that enable easier switching between projects like project dependent code completion.

       It also allows inclusion of external libraries in the code completion engine. This can be used to allow you to edit JavaScript that has access to other features

四、JSEclipse Benefits :: Develop JavaScript faster

       Code formatting, code completion, archive results

       JSEclipse makes it easy for you to focus on your application architecture and major features by taking away the tedious tasks like code formatting and basic syntax checking and providing sensible out of the box, yet customisable, behaviour.

       The code completion engine also helps to focus on the interface of your classes and to create reusable code by not forcing you to know all the implementation details of a specific library.

       Finally, all the code editing helpers provide a friendlier environment to edit your code and allows you to type less and achieve more results. These include among