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The MyEclipse JavaScript Debugger is the first fully integrated client-side Eclipse debugger for JavaScript. Feature highlights include:
MyEc Javascript 调试器试首个为Javascript。完整集成客户端Eclipse调试器。特征主要包含:

  • Debug any web page containing JavaScript source or included JavaScript files, or standalone JavaScript files
  • 调试任何web页面包含Javascript 源代码或包含Javascript 文件,或者单独的Javascript文件
  • Operations: Pause, Resume, Step Into, Step Over, Step to Return, Terminate
  • 操作:暂停、重新开始、进入、跳出、跳入返回、终止
  • Views: 视图
    • Web Browser View (web 浏览器视图)
    • Call Stack View  (呼叫堆栈视图)
    • Variables View (变量视图)
    • Console View  (控制台视图)
  • Set JavaScript breakpoints in: 设置javascript断点
    • JavaScript files (Javascript文件)
    • HTML with embedded JavaScript and linked JavaScript files (包含内置的javascript和关联的javascript文件的HTML)
    • JSP files (jsp 文件)
    • Conditional breakpoints planned for MyEclipse 4.1.1 (为MyEC的有条件的断点计划)
  • Integrates with Eclipse Launch Manager (集成Eclipse发行管理器)
    • Quick launch from context-menu using "Debug As" (使用Debug As 迅速调用上下文按钮)
    • Launch from Eclipse Debug toolbar action (从Eclipse 调试工具条行为中调用)
    • Use Launch Profile to modify launch configuration ()
    • Launch JavaScript resource from project location or deployed MyEclipse web-application
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# re: MyEclipse JavaScript Debugger (MyEclipse javascript 调试器) 2007-06-30 13:39 老田
Call Stack View (呼叫堆栈视图):
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# re: MyEclipse JavaScript Debugger (MyEclipse javascript 调试器) 2008-02-20 09:13 阿笨
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