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Cmd >> isql localhost/3050:path/cxcdata.fdb -user sysdba -pass masterkey
Error >>
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -902

Unable to complete network request to host "localhost".
-Failed to establish a connection.
-No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Use CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE to specify a database
check whether service or application of firebird start or not

Scenario>>Using EMS Data Export for Interbase/Firebird

                gds_db 3050/tcp

3) windows下firebird对db路径要求:与firebird直接交互的fdb文件必须增加前缀:localhost/3050:[driver]/{[path]/}[.fdb file]
    无论是isql 还是 gbak
    比如 test.fdb 在d:\dbfile\firebird\test.fdb
    connect db: cmd>> isql localhost/3050:d:/dbfile/firebird/test.fdb -user [username] -pass [userpass]
    backup db: cmd>> gbak -B localhost/3050:d:/dbfile/firebird/test.fdb test.fbk -user [username] -pass [userpass]
    restore db: cmd>> gbak -C test.fbk localhost/3050:d:/dbfile/firebird/test.fdb -user [username] -pass [userpass]
    NOTE: only the fdb file should add the localhost constraint
4) db installed in d:/dbfile/firebird/test.fdb
    connect way 1>>  isql localhost/3050:d:/dbfile/firebird/test.fdb -user [username] -pass [userpass]
    connect way 2>> isql localhost/3050:db -user [username] -pass [userpass]
                               add this line : db = d:/dbfile/firebird/test.fdb  in aliases.conf, no need restart firebird service

5)about amention of db's path for different customer
we offten configure db path in apps using jdbc:firebird:localhost:[path]/[db file]   like jdbc:firebird:localhost: d:/dbfile/firebird/test.fdb
As you know, in most time we install db in different folder for different customers; so we must keep re-compile apps or modify war/jar/ear every time.

So basis on this issue,  we can change to configure db using firebird self file called aliases.conf
like this form (basis my local configuration):
test.fdb = d:/dbfile/firebird/test.fdb

so now using this form jdbc:firebird:localhost:test.fdb  in  apps
I tried both windows and linux, it works;

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