Java, 一杯浓浓的咖啡伴你到深夜 in China

Google, the online web search giant, launched its Chinese version of services with new domain, Formerly this domain would be redirected to, a Chinese version of Google Search based in US. This services, according to various sources(1,2,3), has censored many content and websites in comply with Chinese government and its law.

The was launched with little public promotion. It provides just few services on the main page like web and picture searching, and news, without email service like Gmail and Blog Hosting Service like Blogger. Right in the bottom of the search box, it has a link which demonstrate the website and domain was registered in Beijing,China and the serial number is "Beijing ICP050124". If you searchs with some sensitively key words like 1989(Background info via Wikipedia), the website will show no results that was "offensive". Under the search results, it also has a statement in Chinese, means "Some Search Results was not displayed according to local laws and policies"(Screenshot).

According to Sina Tech(Link in Chinese), Google in a public statement, says: "Eliminating search results was not consistent with our policy, but it's a violation to our principles to provide no information". They also said they did not intend to provide email and blogging services.

Chinese BloggerCathayan said: "Obviously Google was in conflict between ideal and reality, so the reason why it did not provide many services to Chinese customers is that they are still unsure about what they can do.", website by Google Fans in China, said "Yes, it's a shame, but not for Google".


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