Java Web Start applications are launched by using the Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP).

Java Web Start software provides Java developers and users with many deployment advantages:

  • With Java Web Start software, you can place a single Java application on a web server for deployment to a wide variety of platforms, including Windows 2003/Vista/2000/XP, Linux, and Solaris.
  • Java Web Start software supports multiple, simultaneous versions of the Java platform. An application can request a specific version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) software without conflicting with the needs of other applications. Java Web Start software automatically downloads and installs the correct version of the Java platform as necessary based on the application's needs and the user's environment.
  • Users can create a desktop shortcut to launch a Java Web Start application outside a browser.
  • Java Web Start software takes advantage of the inherent security of the Java platform. By default, applications have restricted access to local disk and network resources. Users can safely run applications from sources that are not trusted.
  • Applications launched with Java Web Start software are cached locally for improved performance.
  • Updates to a Java Web Start application are automatically downloaded when the application is run standalone from the user's desktop.


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