Performance evaluation - a nighmare!

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Performance evaluation has always been a headache of IT managers for a long while. As we seldom see good examples or reference of performance evaluation for IT employee, many companies invent many 'creative' metrics against employees--I did say"against". Many managers also seek KPI (key performance indicators) as their company's performance evaluation framework.

On the one hand, managers are so keen on KPI, on the other side; developers hope that the managers would have the sense to never base their performance judgments on a single metric that is flawed and highly susceptible to circumstance. Their hope seems to never be regarded.

Often overlooked are the response and result. What had we seen or experienced after KIP was implemented forcefully?

Chaos, conflict, low-morale, inefficiency, frequent changed organization, unfair, a number of employee dismissing.

No one want to see that, but managers seems to meant to stop, partly because they want to save their dignity, even they were aware of that they actually add fuel to fire and introduce more chaos to our management.

The story is continue, we have to get used to the situation like a Robert on the product line.



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