In IT, All of members in the team is different - each have their own way of thinking and operating. Manager's challenge is to be able to help them overcome these differences and mesh as a team.

With deadline looming, young male mangers may become irritable and easily annoyed if things are not moving along as smoothly as you had envisioned.

Female leaders are known for their communication skills and ability to build rapport with staff, although not inherent in all women.

Following are some aspects where women tend to excel and tips for capitalizing on them:

   1) Women typically prefer to build consensus and influence opinion when pursuing team objectives.

   2) Women tend to be good listeners as well, hearing both sides of a story before forming judgment.

   3) Female managers may also take a more deliberate approach to their projects, looking at all angles before they make critical decisions.

   4) Strong communication skills by finding common ground and resolving conflicts.

These factors are the key reason that female managers often are able to build loyal and productive teams by creating supportive work environments that foster employee growth and development.



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