What is wrong with the project?

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As conflict happens in a team, project managers always attribute the reason to member's bad personality and awful communication style, they hope their  subordinates or team members to actively communicate with others and appreciate their overtime work, do they really know the problems in the team? 

Ironically, members always think proejct manager's awful management result in the proejct failure, all the problems seem to have nothing to do with them.When you talk with every members in team about how to manage a proejct, they seem to be clear and logical about that,  and make a lot of suggestions.  but the truth is  when a developer runs to the top hierarchy as a manager, the situation is even more worse than his predecessor.

Leaders and members go to the opposite standpoint, accordingly, the proejct is deteriorating at a rapid pace without control. What resulted was a dysfunctional team, there is no difference between the team and a random bunch of individuals.

Why team members’ actions are not always as effective as their project manager's expectation? Why the sound of smile dies away when project manager step into member's office?
That is a big problem we must solve before the next project kicks off.

In china, most of IT project team members are driven by impractical plan with over promises, and command-control management style. Developers are working under great tension to meet the deadline which is almost impossible.Most of them are not happy with their working environment, and their morale was very low with heavy assigned tasks. 

Meanwhile, some managers always look down on technical members from the heart and tend to criticize their subordinates with personal attacks in public. Technical people are reluctant to contribute their creative ideas and work to project success when they do not get their deserved respect, some of them do not share knowledge they have even if it is crucial for the project. The things is getting worse when their hard work did not get a positive response from their leaders.

Some managers try to figure out what to do to motivate our people work more effectively, but nobody think of the even more important question " what makes people lose their motivation?" .       

So, when members are unable to complete their missions timely, a strained relationship was established between members and their leaders quickly, and communication gap is loomed large between them as project goes on.

Whether project manager or team members, they could not get the response from the other side, what they particularly need feedback are  on things that are difficult to give.

In most cases, project failures have nothing to do with the process you adopted, whether agile or waterfall, the cause of all relationship difficulties is rooted in conflict or ambiguous expectation around roles and goals. 

Project management is a very complicated activity, no one has a packaged solution for issues varies from project to project. There is no one formula for every problem. whether agile or waterfall method,  if you simply follow the learning from book without sufficient experience and truly understanding about the things underneath them, you will introduce more problems and make things get worse rather than solve the existing problems.            

In my view, when proejct went wrong, everyone in the team should take the responsibility. when problem happens, the team should sovle the problem mutually at the first time.



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2008-03-14 09:12 by Lei
The good thing is that you still get chance to move & the bad thing is that the situation is the same everywhere.

You wanna be attatched to your high-levels or colleagues? Come on,do it at home. Remember, there simply is double-wins when you're working.

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2008-03-14 09:46 by Paul LIn
Not bad but no use in China

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2008-03-14 14:17 by ericmm
I am preparing pmp exam these days, and I'd like to say from the PMI's perspective if something goes wrong in the project, it is most likely the project manager's fault.

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2008-03-16 19:38 by Simple
No Best And No Better~~

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2008-03-16 19:40 by Simple
The Project Is So Easy~~

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2008-03-21 22:36 by Find it, try it, experience it
For our project what makes it failure is that there is no time for it to be refactored, markting belives that there is no need to do the refactor, no new feature but takes time. From the dev point, it's really a shit, any change in the source code may cause some defects that's really bad and which make it takes much more time and effort to drop the next build as time go.



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