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If the problem was exploring requirements to lead them toward stability, the solution was seen to be prototyping. ... Prototyping and JAD continue to be used to this day, especially when requirements are poorly understood.

Meanwhile, management had to figure out how to deal with reuiqrements instability and the "moving target" problem. ... But eventually management came to realize that, although they could not freeze the requirements, they could insist that changing requirements lead to changing project terms and conditions. "You want new or revised features? Then let's talk about how much time and money that will cost over and above our original estimate." Unfortunately, that led us into the swampland of changing estimates while the project was in progress...

There is an interesting new twist evolving on the requirements instability problem. The extream Programming lightweight methodology calls for a representative of the user community to reside with the software project team during development. ... The questions remain, however, how many user organizations (a) will be willing to give up a first-rate person to such a full-time task, and (b) have one person who can represent all the potentially varying viewpoints of the customers and users?




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