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Library / package License Description
Adobe Acrobat Reader for Java Freeware Read and display PDF documents. A viewer application and a JavaBean are available. Works with Java 1.1.8+.
Big Faceless PDF library Commercial Write PDF documents, with support for various advanced features.
ceTe Software Commercial DynamicPDF Generator to write, DynamicPDF Merger to read and write PDF files.
Etymon PJ GPL / Commercial Read and write PDF documents. There are two versions, classic and professional. Classic comes under the GPL and requires Java 1.1. Professional is commercial and requires Java 1.4.
FOP Apache License Write PDF documents, render them from XML/XSL sources.
gnujpdf GPL Write PDF documents. An extension of the retepPDF project.
iText LGPL Write PDF documents. Requires Java 1.2.
PDFGo Commercial Read PDF documents. Viewer (standalone application) and Java Bean available.
jPDFPrint Commercial (trial version available) Library to read and print PDF documents.
jPDFProcess Commercial (trial version available) Library to read, manipulate and save PDF documents. Manipulation operations include splitting, drawing, printing, encrypting and exporting as images.
jPDFViewer Commercial (trial version available) Java Bean to display PDF documents.
jPDFWriter Commercial (trial version available) Pure Java library to write PDF files. Library can be used like a Java printer job. Thus, existing Java code for printing can be reused to create PDF files.
JPedal GPL or site license or fixed fee Read PDF documents. This library can both extract content from PDFs and rasterize them.
jPDF Commercial (trial version available on request) Manipulation of PDF files, especially suited for the server side. Features include PDF generation from templates, splitting, merging, parsing and encryption. Written in pure Java (requires Java 1.3 or higher).
JustFormsPDF Commercial (trial version available) Pure Java library for filling and editing PDF documents with forms. Requires Java 1.2+.
Multivalent Special license Reads PDF and other document formats. Includes a browser to view all supported files. Provides various tools to manipulate PDF files: compress, uncompress, split, merge, encrypt, decrypt, info, validate, extract text, and full-text search (with Lucene). Source code available.
PDF stream writer Freeware Java library to convert XML to PDF files.
PDFBox BSD Library to access PDF files. A utility to convert to text is included.
PDFlib Commercial Read and write PDF documents. This is a C library which has Java JNI bindings.
PDFTextStream Commercial Read PDF documents. This library can extract text and metadata from PDF files. It supports PDF up to version 1.5 and comes with support for Lucene.
retepPDF GPL Write PDF documents.
Saffron Document Server Commercial Reads PostScript (.ps) documents and generates PDF, HTML, RTF, TIFF, and other formats. Configured as a server for concurrent document rendering.
SmartJPrint GPL-like Pure Java library to write PDF files. Generates PDF files from Swing GUI components, provides preview functionality.
Snowbound Commercial Read and write PDF files.
XMLMill Commercial, trial version available Create PDF documents from XML/XSL.


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