There is an article about how to make a "Squeak 3D Browser".And the nice guy who wrote the article also put a flash demo.It's an amazing demo to show how interesting programming in Squeak could be.But I don't like the too-many-GUI-way which the guy used. I thought there might be a more pragmatic way to do the same thing so I spent an hour on making a script, and finally I got it ;-)

Preferences enable: #systemWindowEmbedOK.

myBrowserWindow :
= Browser new openEditString:#Hello. 
myBrowserWindow setLabel:
'System Browser'; bounds: (Rectangle left:20 right:600 top:20 bottom:400).

my3DIDE :
= Wonderland new.
my3DIDE getDefaultCamera getMorph bounds: (Rectangle left:
20 right:800 top: 20 bottom: 600).

my3DBrowser :
= my3DIDE makePlaneNamed: 'System Browser'.
my3DBrowser setY:
50; turn:#right turns:0.38;
                setProperty: #adjustToTexture toValue: 
                setTexturePointer: myBrowserWindow;
                setProperty: #activeTexture toValue: 

Try it and have fun!