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1Type A,以描述点题段---举例说明段---前瞻感言段的三段式行文;

2Type B,以描述点题段---阐述寓意段---前瞻感言段的三段式行文;


Attitude (type A)

1) Show your understanding of the symbolic meaning of the pictures below. (描述点题段)

2) Give a specific example, and (举例说明段)

3) Give your suggestion as to the best way to overcome crisis.(前瞻感言段)

Just as is revealed in the pictures above, people are generally classified into two types: the pessimistic and the optimistic. We can see in one picture some people, long-faced and downhearted, are counting the nights by the shadows while in the other picture the happy-go-lucky people are enjoying the starry nights. What a contrastive view! Remember, it is not the bad thing that determines our state of mind but the way we look at it matters. (描述点题段) (以小到大)

An example that comes to mind is SARS crisis that has recently torn apart and ravaged most of China. Admittedly, it has cost us quite a lot. Some people suffered from health damage and still some even lost their lives. And our economy suffers a temporary setback and a slowdown. However, we still have learnt and benefited a lot from it. (举例说明段) 4. First things first, we are more concerned than never before with our health, and the environment we live in. Additionally, we tried and bettered and are still bettering our mechanism to respond to unexpected crises. These and other lessons at the expense of blood, tear, toil and sweat are benefiting and continue to benefit us and generations of Chinese to come. (分析问题段)

The best way to overcome the frustrations brought about crises is to always take a positive outlook on life. Just as a well-known ancient Chinese notion goes, the past lessons if not forgotten are good teachers for us all. If we can bear in mind sufferings and ordeals we have experienced, then our sufferings will not go unrewarded. (前瞻感言段)
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