OpenLaszlo 3.1刚研究了两天,OpenLaszlo 3.1.1就发布了。


OpenLaszlo 3.1.1 is a minor release that corrects a few deficiencies of OpenLaszlo 3.1:

  • There have been many improvements to the documentation. Dead links and broken example programs have been repaired, and many edits have been made to the text. There is a new short chapter in the Developer's Guide on the rich text component.
  • Several severe problems with the following components in the incubator were fixed: newcombobox, gradientview, draglib.

上面的文字主要就是说OpenLaszlo 3.1.1的文档有了一些改进,修改了一些死链接,加入了一章rich text component的内容。修复了一些服务器组件的问题。