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Dear guy:


        The new year is coming,

        we are looking forward to it.

        New year,new start.

        New year,new look.

        New year,new breath.

        New year,everything is fresh.


        Please say "bye" to the old year,   

        draw a full stop on the past unhappiness.

        value everything you'v owned.

        Please say "hi" to the new year.

        give a smile face to the world,

        a new world is waiting for your coming.      


        LIke a wild untilled land,

        please endow this new year with your passion and imagination.


        And here,i send my best wishes to you,


                Merry christmas!

                Happy new year!

                Live a happy life!


          And say "thanks for your giving" from the bottom  of my heart!  



                                                                                                Y ours  


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