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Buildfile: E:"workspace"KFwebEDI"build.xml
     [java] Unknown argument: -out
     [java] Google Web Toolkit 1.7.0
     [java] Compiler [-logLevel level] [-treeLogger] [-workDir dir] [-gen dir] [-style style] [-ea] [-validateOnly] [-localWorkers count] [-war dir] [-extra dir] module[s]
     [java] where
     [java]   -logLevel      The level of logging detail: ERROR, WARN, INFO, TRACE, DEBUG, SPAM, or ALL
     [java]   -treeLogger    Logs output in a graphical tree view
     [java]   -workDir       The compiler work directory (must be writeable; defaults to a system temp dir)
     [java]   -gen           The directory into which generated files will be written for review
     [java]   -style         Script output style: OBF[USCATED], PRETTY, or DETAILED (defaults to OBF)
     [java]   -ea            Debugging: causes the compiled output to check assert statements.
     [java]   -validateOnly  Validate all source code, but do not compile
     [java]   -localWorkers  Specifies the number of local workers to use when compiling permutations
     [java]   -war           The war directory to write output files into (defaults to war)
     [java]   -extra         The directory into which extra, non-deployed files will be written
     [java] and
     [java]   module[s]      Specifies the name(s) of the module(s) to compile

E:"workspace"KFwebEDI"build.xml:317: Java returned: 1

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