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ASM Java bytecode manipulation framework
AspectWerkz AspectWerkz - Dynamic AOP for Java
Axis Axis - an implementation of the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) submission to W3C
Batik Batik SVG Toolkit - Toolkit using images in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format
BCEL Byte Code Engineering Library - Analyze, create and manipulate Java class files
BeanUtils BeanUtils - Utilities for working with JavaBeans
Catalina Catalina - Servlet and JSP based web server
Cayenne Professional Object Relational Mapping
CGLIB CGLIB - Dynamic byte code generator
Chain Chain - Implementation of the GoF "Chain of Responsibility" pattern
Checkstyle Checkstyle - Development tool to help writing Java code that adheres to a coding standard
CLI Command Line Library - Simple API for working with the command line arguments and options
Codec Commons Codec - Encoders and decoders like Base64, Hex, phonetic encodings and URLs
Collections Collections - Filling the holes left in Sun's Collections API
Configuration Commons Configuration - Generic API enabling configuration from a variety of sources
DBCP DBCP - Connection pooling implementations
DBUtils DbUtils - Set of classes designed to make working with JDBC easier
Digester Struts Digester - Configure an XML/Java mapping with actions when patterns are recognized
Discovery Discovery - Discovering, or finding, implementations for pluggable interfaces
DNSJava DNS in Java - Supporting common record types, queries, zone transfers and dynamic updates
doclet JavaDoc Doclet - Custom output from the types methods and fields in a source tree.
Dom4j DOM4J - XML, XPath and XSLT library
DTDParser DTDParse DTD Library - You can use this library to parse a DTD
EL EL - The JSP 2.0 Expression Language Interpreter from Apache
fastutil FastUtil - Type-specific maps sets and lists with a small memory footprint and fast access
FileUpload HTTP File Upload Library - Add robust, fast file upload capability to your web applications
FreeMarker HTML Template Engine
GJT Giant Java Tree - Java library consisting entirely of open source components
gnu-regex GNU Regular Expressions - Implementation of a traditional (non-POSIX) NFA regex engine
Groovy Groovy - Scripting Language
Hibernate Hibernate - Relational Persistence For Idiomatic Java
HiveMind HiveMind - A services and configuration microkernel
HSQLDB HSQLDB - The Java SQL relational database
HTMLParser HTML Parser - Java library used to parse HTML
HTTPClient HTTP Client - Fills holes left by the package, including most recent HTTP standards
Informa Informa - News aggregation library
IO Commons-IO - Utility classes, stream implementations, file filters and endian classes for IO
iText iText - Generates PDF on the fly
J2EE Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
J2SE Java2 Standard Edition v5
JAI Java Advanced Imaging - Network-enabled, scalable, platform-independent image processing
Jalopy Jalopy Source Formatter - Formats Java source code according to widely configurable rules
Jasper Jasper - Tomcat JSP engine
JasperReports JasperReports - Free Java reporting library
Java3d Java3D - Object-oriented interfaces that support a simple, high-level programming mode
JavaComm Java Communications - API for technologies such as voice mail, fax and smartcards
JavaGroups JavaGroups - Reliable multicast communication enable processes to send messages to each other
Jaxen Jaxen XPath Processor - Object model walker; evaluate XPath expressions in dom4j and JDOM
JAXME JaxMe 2 - Open source implementation of JAXB
JClassLib JClassLib - Library for reading, modifing and writing Java class files and bytecode
JCommon JCommon - Collection of useful classes used by JFreeChart, JFreeReport and other projects
JCrontab JCronTab - Scheduler written in Java, provide a fully functional schedules for Java projects
JDIC JDIC - JDesktop Integration Components
JDNC JDNC - JDesktop Network Components
JDO Java Data Objects - Direct storage of Java domain model instances into a database
JDOM JDOM XML Library - For accessing, manipulating and outputting XML data from Java code.
JetSpeed JetSpeed - Java Portal Server
JEXL Java Expression Language - is an embedable expression language engine
JFreeChart JFreeChart - Free library for generating charts, including pie, bar, line and areas charts
JGroups JGroups - Multicast communication toolkit
JMeter JMeter - Load testing applcation
JMF Java Media Framework - Library for audio, video and other time-based media
JMock JMock - Testing library
JSF JavaServer Faces - Web Framework
JSword JSword - Bible software in Java, compatible with the Sword project for C/C++
JTidy JTidy - HTML syntax checker
JUnit JUnit - Regression testing framework used by the developer who implements unit tests in Java
JXPath JXPath Library - Simple interpreter of an expression language called XPath
Lang Lang - Utilities including Enums, String manipulation, reflection, serialization and more
Log4J Log4J - Fast logging API that lets you configure logging at runtime
Logging Commons Logging - Simple wrapper API around multiple logging APIs
Lucene Lucene - high-performance, full-featured text search engine written entirely in Java
Math Math - Library of lightweight, self-contained mathematics and statistics components
Net Network Library - Support for Finger, Whois, TFTP, Telnet, FTP, NNTP, etc developed by ORO
OJB OJB - O/R tool that allows transparent persistence
OpenJMS Open source JMS server
ORO ORO - Text processing library
OSCache OSCache - A high performance J2EE caching framework
PJA Pure Java AWT - Toolkit for drawing graphics without any native graphics resources
PMD PMD - Scans Java source code for potential problems
POI POI - Java OLE 2 Manipulator
Pool Commons Pooling - provides an generic, configurable Object-pooling API
Primitives Primitives - Collection of types and utilities optimized for working with Java primitives
Proxool Java connection pool
Quartz Quartz - J2EE open source job scheduler
Regexp Jakarta Regular Expressions - Java RegEx library under BSD style license
Rhino Mozilla JavaScript - open-source implementation of JavaScript written entirely in Java
Seraph Seraph - Atlassian Security Framework
SiteMesh A web-page layout and decoration framework
Slide Slide - Content repository, can serve as a basis for CMS
SOAP Apache Soap - implementation of the SOAP submission to W3C
Speedo OSS JDO implementation
Spring Server Side alternative to J2EE APIs
Struts Jakarta Struts - open source framework for building web applications
Tapestry Tapestry - Web Framework
Turbine Turbine - Servlet based framework allowing developers to quickly build secure web applications
UDDI4J UDDI4J - Library that provides an API to interact with a UDDI registry
Validator Validtator - Validate data from user input
Velocity Velocity - Support for clean, quick MVC web development and support for the Struts framework
Village Village - API that sits on top of the JDBC to make it easier to interact with a JDBC
WebWork 2 Next generation of WebWork
Xalan Xalan - XSLT processor for transforming XML documents into HTML, text, or XML
XDoclet XDoclet - Code generation engine
Xerces Xerces2 - The next generation of high performance, XML parsers in the Apache Xerces family
XMLBeans XMLBeans - XML-Java binding tool
XMLPull XMLPull - Defines a simple pull parsing API that does pull XML parsing from J2ME to J2EE
XMLRPC XML-RPC - Implementation of XML-RPC, using XML over HTTP to implement remote procedure calls
XNI Xerces Native Interface - Framework for streaming a document and constructing generic parsers
XOM XML Object Model - Tree-based API for processing XML that strives for correctness and simplicity.
XStream XML serialization

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