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07 2007 档案

AppFuse2 建立新project命令

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     摘要: Reflection 是Java被视为动态(或准动态)语言的一个关键性质。这个机制允许程序在运行时透过Reflection APIs取得任何一个已知名称的class的内部信息,包括其modifiers(诸如public, static 等等)、superclass(例如Object)、实现之interfaces(例如Cloneable),也包括fields和methods的所有信息,并可于运行时改变fields内容或唤起methods。本文借由实例,大面积示范Reflection APIs。  阅读全文

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     摘要: Polymorphism shouldn't be a new concept to anybody. You deal with it every day in the real world. There's more than one class of cat to skin, but you skin 'em the same way, even if the specific instance is completely new to you. Let's say for example you want to fuck a hole. You fuck all holes the same. You don't care if that hole happens to be a mouth, an ass, or a pussy, you're gonna fuck it the same way regardless. However, the mouth, pussy, or ass may respond differently to the fucking.  阅读全文

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