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custom swt widgets, a list...(转)

Everybody knows that the basic native widgets in swt lack a lot of flexibility and features. An approach to solve these shortcomings is to build custom swt widgets that do not rely on native widgets but are custom drawn - the same approach that swing took. A good example is KTable. The custom swt widgets - custom drawn and aggergated native ones - I currently know of are:

  • swtplus:
    • PGroup: an expandable group widget
    • PLink: an image hyperlink widget
  • Jaret:
    • timebars: a widget showing intervals in a Gantt chart. The widget implementation is combined for JFC/Swing and the SWT toolkit. Learn more about the timebar widget and it's features here. LICENSE: GPL (commercial license available)
    • table: custom drawn table widget for the SWT toolkit.
    • datechooser: a widget for selecting dates in a classical drop down style featuring the display of holidays and other special days. Learn more
  • novocode:
    • CustomSeparator: Instances of this class are non-native separator lines.
    • FramedComposite: Instances of this class are composites with a border around the contents.
    • Hyperlink: A hyperlink text label.
    • LiveSashForm: Like a regular SashForm, the LiveSashForm lays out its children in a Row or Column
    • SizeGrip: A non-native size grip which looks (and almost feels) like the native Win32 size grip.
  • Ktable:
    • KTable is a custom SWT table widget that provides a flexible grid of cells to display data. Since it is custom-drawn, it does not have the restrictions of the native SWT Table control.
  • Gface:
    • Search Box - Searchable drop-down list
    • Date Picker - UI widget for visually picking a day in a month.
    • Date Combo - Combo box that opens the date picker to select date
    • Hour Selection Combo - CCombo to select hour in a day
  • SWT Dock:
    • Eclipse Docking API (2.1) ported back to Java from .NET.

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