JSF will hibernate in spring.

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Through its Java, .NET, Ajax, C++, Eclipse and Adobe Flex/AIR graphics libraries and components, ILOG provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of graphics tools for creating sophisticated, interactive user displays. ILOG's graphics products enhance decision-making speed and ability by making vast quantities of complex data more comprehensible and manageable for users.
Including ILOG JViews Diagrammer, ILOG JViews Maps , ILOG JViews Gantt , ILOG JViews Charts , ILOG JViews TGO , ILOG JViews Maps for Defense , ILOG JViews Graph Layout for Eclipse, ILOG Gantt for .NET , ILOG Diagram for .NET , ILOG Views Component Suite , ILOG Server , ILOG DB Link , ILOG Elixir .
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