JSF will hibernate in spring.

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Automated decisions, ranging from whether to accept a loan application or pay a health care claim, to whether a credit card transaction should be flagged as suspect or awarded loyalty points, are the lifeblood of business. But defining and changing those decisions (business rules) can be a challenge with traditional software solutions.
ILOG BRMS solutions allow your organization to make easy, safe and reliable decision changes. We give you the right tools in the right environments for every stakeholder with a role in managing automated decisions.
With a BRMS, developers and architects can extract the business logic from the traditional code of an application. When business policies are hard-coded into an enterprise application, the process of updating the system requires specialist programming staff, puts the stability of the system at risk, and can take a long time. By externalizing the business logic from a business application with business rules, IT users can develop and run the business logic independently of the application.
ILOG JRules is a Business Rule Management System (BRMS) that allows both business and IT users to manage the rules that drive business.
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