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Most of the users often use the putty ssh client to connect to the remote unix and execute shell command.And It's one convenient tool and there are some other optional tools for us to try.


Nutty is a modified version of a simple SSH and telnet client called PuTTY. This patch enables users to select and open hyperlinks that they see on the terminal window to their preferred web browser.

A terminal emulator with tabbed user interface and various connectivity including Telnet, SSH1/2, and cygwin


FireSSH is a free, cross-platform SSH terminal client for Mozilla Firefox. Written entirely in Javascript!

SSH Web Proxy

SSHWebProxy is a Java Servlet application that enables users to access SSH Shell sessions and SSH File Transfer sessions using a web browser. All client interaction uses pure HTML, so it can be used from anywhere. SSHWebProxy is simply an HTML SSH Client.

MindTerm SSH Applet ///////////////////(Old Version)
MindTerm is small, portable and secure. It contains an extremely powerful and easy to use SSH client that provides advanced features such as tunneling support, file transfer GUI as well as support for HTTP and SOCKS proxies.

MindTerm is a powerful and easy to use access client that implements the SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. It is written in Java and is available both as a stand-alone application for end users or as a library component which can be embedded by OEM customers in third-party applications. It can also be integrated into web pages where it can be downloaded as an SSH client applet. It has Secure FTP, Telnet, Terminal emulation and much more.


SSHterm is a free web-based SSH client and other tools for IT professionals community. Here you can connect to your SSH-enabled hosts anywhere right from web browser, without installing local SSH client.

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