Commercial Licenses

         Custom license specific to the product

         Sometimes allows free use for non-profit organizations

         Sometimes allows free use for everyone

         Usually prohibits reverse engineering

         Usually prohibits redistribution

         Rarely includes source code

         May include all sorts of bizarre terms

GNU/General Public License (GPL)

         You are free to do whatever you want with the source code (modify, redistribute, etc.)

         But any changes you make that you distribute must also be GPL

         And any code you distribute that uses GPL code must be available under GPL

         Defeats “embrace and extend”

         Often called viral by both friend and foe

GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

         Used to be called “Library GPL”

         Non-LGPL code can use it without becoming LGPL (e.g. linking during compile)

         Resulting combined executable is LGPL

         Many people think this means that you can use LGPL Java libraries from non-LGPL code

         Not clear whether that interpretation is correct

         We are not your lawyers :)

BSD/Apache Licenses

         You can freely use, modify, re-license, etc. as long as you maintain the copyright notices

         You can include the code in a commercial product without releasing your source code

         You can embrace and extend

         Safest for corporate use

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