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Crystal Reports for Eclipse

Posted on 2006-08-19 00:45 xiami 阅读(315) 评论(0)  编辑  收藏 所属分类: J2EE
The BO has released the first version plugin for eclipse. It is exciting.

there are 3 different installation types:
  1. All-in-one Build - this includes everything you need to run the product including the Eclipse IDE and all of the required plug-ins. On top of this the eclipse.ini file has been modified to ensure that the best JVM settings are used
  2. Update Site - if you already have Eclipse 3.2 installed you can connect to our Update Site to download our plug-ins as well as the other required Eclipse plug-ins. This will also be the main mechanism we will be using to deliver our updates
  3. Manual Install - this is just a zip of our plug-ins and features. These can be unzipped into an existing Eclipse install that has the prerequisite Eclipse plug-ins installed.