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The BO has released the first version plugin for eclipse. It is exciting.

there are 3 different installation types:
  1. All-in-one Build - this includes everything you need to run the product including the Eclipse IDE and all of the required plug-ins. On top of this the eclipse.ini file has been modified to ensure that the best JVM settings are used
  2. Update Site - if you already have Eclipse 3.2 installed you can connect to our Update Site to download our plug-ins as well as the other required Eclipse plug-ins. This will also be the main mechanism we will be using to deliver our updates
  3. Manual Install - this is just a zip of our plug-ins and features. These can be unzipped into an existing Eclipse install that has the prerequisite Eclipse plug-ins installed.

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AquaLogic User Interaction (ALUI), formerly called the Plumtree Application Suite,combines portal, content management, collaboration, integration and search technologies. By combining services and information from existing enterprise systems through open integration technologies and providing key application services, AquaLogic Interaction components allow you to build solutions that integrate diverse platforms and systems.

Introduction to AquaLogic User Interaction Development

Setting Up the AquaLogic Interaction Development Kit (IDK)

ALUI Developer Center

AquaLogic User Interaction (ALUI) Development Documentation


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