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JTR ("Java Test Runner") 是一个基于IoC(反转控制)的开放源J2EE测试框架。它使你能够建立复杂的J2ee test suites,连接到应用服务器执行测试,包括多实例的测试。

A JTR test suite is made of a set of factories (to control how the tests run and outcomes are evaluated), a set of runners (threads that actually execute tests), applilcation server settings (to allow multiple servers to be used in a given test run), and JMS configurations (to configure JMS resources). JTR uses all of this to run a test suite (specified as a set of runners) to provide unit and performance testing of EJB resources, JMS resources, and - of course - ordinary Java code.

The JTR framework is completely designed by interface. This means it provides you with a number of pluggability points you might use to customize its behavior via the factories block.

It's licensed under the GPL, and you can download it from Sourceforge.

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