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8/9/2006 Wed

Dream VII vs Brazil

It was my friends’ help and some luck that bring me to this precious game while only spending quite few fee for it. Tonight, was the first time I meet so many fame of basketball in my life. This is definitely worth remembering.

I have applied my vacation yesterday to my supervisor, Mr. Fang, who is a very nice guy, simly agreed without saying anything. So I left my office half an hour earlier, then rush for the bus, then I meet Penny at Tee Mall, immediately we got in the subway with destination: San YuanLi. After arrival, we then hire a cab, finally get to the Guangzhou stadium.

While the other two friends had not yet arrived, we rambled around the entrance, and found there were full of those guys selling tickets in high price. Penny suddenly found somebody famous, Yao’s translator, we were not sure at that moment, so Penny just ask him in Chinese, whether he is Yao’s translator, he is kind of smart, answered that he “used to be” after he pondered one seconds. So we are glad to found out that he is the man, as soon as we can, we took photos with him.

Before long, I caught sight of another target, He Hui, the best soccer commentator of GDTV, we took photos and can’t wait to expressed our admiration to him.

After joined with our friends, we entered the stadium, the Dream VII were already warming up there, so as soon as we found our seats, we started to take pictures on those stars that we have never imaged that would show up in front of our own eyes. Our seats are just right upside of the entrance path for the US players, they walk through this path a couple of times during the warm-up, “Melo” was the most amicable one of them, he was smiling with a little shy, stretching out his hands to high five with fans. I used to be dislike him a little, but his recent performance on the court and his friendliness towards fans have earn himself an upgrade in my mind. Coach D’Antonie, McMilan, and the old friend, Rudy, also showed up, as well as “the Glide” Drexller, Xia Song with an ugly hair style, and again, Pann the translator.

Game on! It was noisy during the whole game, especially when Brazil take the lead after 3 struggling quarters, then it was almost like being in an Brazilian’s home court. Of all the US players, “Melo” have the best performance with leading scores, Verajo from Brazil were grabbing rebounds for the whole night, showing the best quality of a blue collar player – hunger. While Barbosa, with early foul trouble, which knicked him out off the court in 3rd quarter, was also doing well, if he was not committing too much foul, the result of the match is still in doubt.

The game ended in a very close score. When the players walked back to their locker room through the path, Anthony was still smiling and waving hands, LBJ threw his wrist belt, high across my head, got caught by an old uncle. He was definitely aware of the value of that belt, although he totally had no idea who is LBJ. What a pity! Arenas threw his towels to the fans, again far way from on my side. The most frustrated player, Bruce Bowen, stared at us with no facial expressing for two seconds, and then got lost in the dark.

We are not willing to leave the stadium although the game was already end, the goddess of lucky showed up again, we encounter the best basketball commentator of GDTV, Weng Jinhua! Surely we had photos taken with him, and I was so lucky to have chat with him for a couple of sentences, showed my respect to him, and encouraged him to keep on his excellent performance on commenting.

Finally, it was all over, we took a long way home, to our dorm, before that we take a nice supper, which was delayed 4 hours.

And my elementary school student’s composition-like note shall ends here, I found that I have lost the ability to compose after graduated from high school for years, what a shame. I shall take writing Blog as a chance to regain the ability; I shall take advantage of this new start.

2006 89星期三


7 巴西


昨天就和经理请了事假,房经理很 nice ,同意了。所以今天提早半小时下班,匆忙赶去坐车和杰华在天河城汇合,然后马上转地铁,下了三元里,又马上打的,终于来到了广州体育馆。

另外两位同学还没来,我们在门口徘徊,发现这里 80 %是黄牛!徘徊期间,眼尖的杰华看到了~~~潘克伦!当然我们还不是很肯定,毕竟他不经常上镜,离开焦点也有两年了,考虑到他会中文,杰华就问他,你是不是姚明的翻译,他很睿智,想了一秒钟,说曾经是,我们自然马上开始了合影 JJ , 哈哈。


和同学们汇合后,进入了场馆,梦 7 已经在练习了,找到位置后赶紧开始拍照了。我们就坐在球员通道的上方,热身期间球员来回通道一两次,其中最为 nice 的就是甜瓜了,腼腆地微笑,伸出手与球迷击掌。。。我以前并不怎么喜欢他,但他这两场的表现以及对球迷的热情,使得我对他印象分大涨。期间也见到了德安东尼,麦克米伦,久违的鲁迪,很有风度的滑翔机德来克斯勒,以及发型好难看的夏松,再次出现的潘克伦。

熙熙攘攘后,比赛开始了,这个过程就不多说了,气氛热烈,欢声四起,在巴西反击成功咬上比分后,更是达到了高潮,几乎是巴西的主场了。球员表现方面甜瓜最猛,而巴西的瓦拉乔更是吃错了药,这一刻 xx 附体,巴西球员的光荣传统在他身上。。。他不是一个人。。。。好吧,你们知道我在说什么就行了。。。可惜的是巴伯萨,如果不是犯规太多,今天鹿死谁手都未知。

在结束比赛后,球员们回到通道时,甜瓜依然露齿伸手, LBJ 扔出了腕带。。。。在我头上数米处飞过,被一个老伯拣到,他也知道值钱,怎么也不出让给旁边的几个年轻球迷,郁闷的是他还问我们,那个人是谁,他根本不认识 LBJ ,唉,暴殄天物啊。 Arenas 扔出了毛巾,也没我们这边的份。而 Bowen ,今晚最失意的人,瞪了这边两眼,目无表情的消失了。

在人群渐渐散去之际,我们还不舍得离开,运气终于再眷顾了我们,逮到了篮球讲波佬里的 best ——翁金华,合影!我还和和他攀谈了两句,表示是他的拥趸,鼓励他继续加油讲波,哈哈。


这篇小学生作文般的东西也该结束了,发现离开高中多年后,我已然不知道怎么写文章了,惭愧之余,就把写好 blog 作为一个复习,一个新的开始吧。


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能看得到名人的确是很让人羡慕的说,不过上次我学校举行国际奥林匹克竞赛的时候也来了不少winners of Nobel Prize,不过人太多了,我也就闪了。

我开学了,课程倒不是很忙,但是由于这里的系统太个人化了,所以还是有很多东西做,交了不少local friends,发现自己英语烂得太厉害。恶补中.....  回复  更多评论
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