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letter from rohan -- about cricket events

Posted on 2012-03-30 21:00 Earth 阅读(207) 评论(0)  编辑  收藏 所属分类: Life

My cricket events are going fine. Very soon the domestic T20 cricket league in India will start. It is a gala event. It is called the Indian Premier League. Ours is a very good team. The name of our team is Kolkata Knight Riders. Very excited. Will go to the stadium and watch the games live. Tomorrow entire team in company are going for a movie. :)
We just completed a sprint. We follow Agile SCRUM here. We worked on Spring Webflow, jQuery, JSP. Hope you are doing fine. In each step here I realize how helpful you have been and the lessons you taught me are coming to great advantage here. Thank you! I always feel that meeting you was a part of my destiny. Tell hi to Yu Ting as well. I miss her too.

Thanks and regards,
Rohan Ghosh,
IT Professional.

   yes, I haven't watched the game yet. maybe I will watch the video this weekend. I've been practicing starcraft.
I learned how to manipulate Vulture, how to use one vulture to kill a dozen of zealots or zerglings or something alike.

about Kobe, he scored very low in the two games before this game against Mavericks.
and was scolded by some public commentators. but we fandom will forever support him no matter he is in low or high spirit :D

thanks for sharing me the news link.

you have to confess the news is not exciting at all, it's a small victory among this season, we Kobe Fandom expect more

how's your favorite cricket event