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18.4.26. assignment

Table 18.25. 

Name Type Multiplicity Description
expression attribute optional For historical reasons, this attribute expression does not refer to the jPDL expression, but instead, it is an assignment expression for the jBPM identity component. For more information on how to write jBPM identity component expressions, see Section 11.11.2, “Assignment expressions”. Note that this implementation has a dependency on the jbpm identity component.
actor-id attribute optional An actorId. Can be used in conjunction with pooled-actors. The actor-id is resolved as an expression. So you can refer to a fixed actorId like this actor-id="bobthebuilder". Or you can refer to a property or method that returns a String like this: actor-id="myVar.actorId", which will invoke the getActorId method on the task instance variable "myVar".
pooled-actors attribute optional A comma separated list of actorIds. Can be used in conjunction with actor-id. A fixed set of pooled actors can be specified like this: pooled-actors="chicagobulls, pointersisters". The pooled-actors will be resolved as an expression. So you can also refer to a property or method that has to return, a String[], a Collection or a comma separated list of pooled actors.
class attribute optional the fully qualified classname of an implementation of org.jbpm.taskmgmt.def.AssignmentHandler
config-type attribute optional {field|bean|constructor|configuration-property}. Specifies how the assignment-handler-object should be constructed and how the content of this element should be used as configuration information for that assignment-handler-object.
  {content} optional the content of the assignment-element can be used as configuration information for your AssignmentHandler implementations. This allows the creation of reusable delegation classes. for more about delegation configuration, see Section 18.2.3, “Configuration of delegations”.
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