MyEclipse 5.0 GA is now available

MyEclipse 5.0 GA is now available for Download

The MyEclipse 5.0 release includes major enhancements and bug fixes for the MyEclipse environment over the previous 4.1.1 GA release, including:
  • Full compatibility with Eclipse 3.2 and Callisto projects
  • Matisse4MyEclipse integration into MyEclipse
    • Now includes customizable palettes
  • Web Service support, including:
    • Project and project creation wizard
    • Customizable library containers
    • New Web Services Wizard
    • Deploy web-service web-app
    • Services .xml file editor
    • Java editor with JSR-181 annotation support and code-assist
    • WSDL editor
    • Web Services Explorer
    • Java hot-swap debug support & MyEclipse hot-sync support for web services application
    • Quick-start documentation and example projects
    • Add Web Services capabilities to existing Web and Java projects
  • Cross-platform Visual HTML Editor including Struts and JSF
  • Expanded database support for MS SQL Server and Sybase
    • View triggers, functions, and procedures in DB Explorer
    • Generate and edit the DDL for triggers and procedures
    • Function Runner - runs functions by generating UI - executes procedure
    • Supports access to the "sp_help" facility for any selected object to get additional DB information
  • Enhanced Hibernate 3.1.X and Spring 2.X support
  • AJAX/Web 2.0 tool extensions
    • Instant-on JavaScript Debugging, extending the integrated MyEclipse local JavaScript debugger to allow the user to debug remote JavaScript applications
    • Full Linux and Mac support
  • Full I18N support for internationalization and localized support
  • New Websphere 6.1, Sun Java Application Server System 9.0, and Glassfish 1.0 application server connectors
  • Customizable server launch configurations
  • And more!

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Added on: 07-Aug-2006

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