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Product Offerings and Pricing for Google Maps Enterprise

Posted on 2009-01-07 10:01 诗特林 阅读(1472) 评论(0)  编辑  收藏 所属分类: GIS


I received an email this week from Google with an updated and consolidated list of Google Maps Enterprise product offerings.

Product Offerings

1.) Google Maps API Premier
Available for Public and Non-Public websites and applications

Pricing (per year-paid in full at signing)
* $10,000 for 2 million page views per year
* $40,000 for 10 million page views per year

* Please call for pricing above 10 million page views per year Page View means a single load of the Google Maps Javascript by the end user’s browser

2.) Google Maps for Asset Tracking
Required for Asset Tracking Applications-applicable when your application locates a moving GPS enabled device location or the location of a moving, physical asset on a map based on current latitude/longitude coordinates provided to such application through the use of a personal sensor. For clarity asset tracking applications means any application for the purpose of tracking field sales or service personnel, vehicles or other assets.

* $10,000 annually and $24 per asset, per year for >100 assets

All product offerings include the following deliverables:

* SLA (Service Level Agreement) at 99.9% uptime guarantee
* Control over ads
* Unlimited geocodes
* Support via email and phone

How can I try out the Google Maps API?
For development purpose you are authorized to use a Free Google Maps license key as an Enterprise License key for 30 days. This means that you are licensed to use Google Maps behind the firewall, in an internal application, or as part of paid or premium content for 30 days (e.g. the Enterprisefull licensing agreement). The 30 day free trial is still subject to a limit of 15,000 geocodes per day, if you need more than that during the trial please let us know and we will temporarily remove that restriction.

To sign up for the key, please visit If you have already signed up for a key, please mark the date of this e-mail as the start of your 30 day free trial.

A representative from Google went ahead and answers to some of the questions I had already asked, but here they are anyway:

What is the difference between the free maps api and the enterprise maps api?

There is no difference between the apis, they have the same functionality and use the same infrastructure.

Do you have a solution less than the 10K entry level?

Not at this time, we are investigating options, but a timeframe is not available

Do you have any examples I can view?

Yes. Please visit:

How do I track my page views?

Track your page views with Google Analytics…sign up link below

What happens if I exceed my page views, assets or end users before I complete my term?

Please contact us within 60 days to get the appropriate upgrade options

Are you using Google Maps at the enterprise level? I will most likely be developing an internal solution using a mapping solution from either Google or Microsoft during Q2 of 2009. Until then, I will continue researching.