I got a Sony PSP recently. After playing with it for a while,  I found out that, comparing to other handheld game console, PSP has a fairly open platform. Some great guys had already customized a gcc compiler for PSP, and also, a simple toolchain is provided by the active community to support porting/development/debuging/hacking. So I decided to port some of my favourite programming langauges to PSP. Of course, the first one on my list is Ruby.

Cross compiling, reading psp documents, reading ruby source code, hacking ruby source code, cross compiling... after 3 days hard working, finally, I managed to make the following ruby script(which is listed in the book <Programming Ruby>) running on my PSP:

def say_goodnight(name)
    "Good night, #{name}"

puts say_goodnight("PSP")

Bingo~~~! Ruby goes entertainment!!!!

btw : my ruby-psp patch could be found here:

make sure you have psp-gcc and toolchain installed on you PC, and 3.03-OE/1.5 fireware on your PSP.