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It is difficult for me to define some qualities of a favorable roommate, because of my accommodating character which make it easy for me to live together with various characteristic people. Although almost all my roommates have harmonious relationships with me, I still failed to appreciate or accept their several qualities as well as habits.


A kind roommate should not be a heavy smoker, otherwise he should have a habit of not smoking in the dorm, which, however, is constantly ignored by them. For example, my closed friend berthing beside me in the college used to make a cigarette on the bed before going to sleep. At the beginning, I did my best to endure his self-centered action, but after some days, I could not control my temper, warning and persuading him to quit smoking. After that, he no longer dared to do that in the room.


Moreover, if a person always violate the regular of sleeping time, it is difficult for him to become a popular roommate. Someone, with overwhelming energy and passion either on study or on entertainment all day and all night, make it possible to disturb other students in the same dorm. For instance, it is common without doubt that before the final examination , some of students have to spend the whole night on preparation of test, which are likely to affect other’s regular rest.


Every roommate has their drawback and virtue in character and habit. Some of roommates are bed-tempered, but on the other hand, they are likely to be warm-hearted. They might make effort to assist you when you make trouble. Some of them maybe are absent-minded or laid-back, on the contrary, it is possible that they are easy-going or open-minded. They could bring happiness to you when you feel upset or alone. Therefore, look at through a different lens and we will see anther different person whom you seemingly dislike him.


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Dear teacher


I am chen, your student in tsinghua University . I am so sorry for my absence in the last English course, for I forgot this important day carelessly. Last week, all the courses, except oral English course, were finished, so I neglected the fact that today is Tuesday. You know, I never miss any course you taught, so please forgive me.

More importantly, I shall appreciate you, for my oral English have been improved so much during this term. You definitely are the one of the best respectable teachers I’ve ever met. Thanks a lot.


Best wish to you



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Yesterday, I attented a lecture about jew or jewry, which was made by a American jew. To one’s surprise, I got knowledge what I desired to know for a long time.

Jew have a old and famous history. before 6000 years ago, a man created the first bible of jewry, but unfortunately, they have fought for their position thousand years. Almost 2000 years ago, the roman Empire, Constantine , established a religion of Christianism according to Jewry. And then, he tried to sweep out all of jews, who were unwilling to change their mind to believe the new religion. The jew have to move and immigrate to all over the Europe , even Asia . Especially, when they arrive their traditional and original home , City of David , they were attacked by Arab, who have resided for a long time. Last century, jews at their homes in Germany were killed or destroyed once upon time due to racial discrimination. It was a tragic history, but conflictions between jewry and other nationality still go on. In 1970s, the nation union helped jews establishing a country of Israel , but nowadays, bombs and terrorist attacks happened everyday.

In the lecture, there was a special listener, with long bear, looked like 40 yeas old, who is a Arab in Pakistan . With his poor Oral English, he asked some questions about why there are so many wars against Israel and Jewry. One of three jews in the lecture argued that all jews just want to have a country and homes, and they are welcome to all the other people living their country , but the Arab people hate jews, then the war had to be proceed. Obviously, this answer felled to satisfied that Arab man, but this conversation full of disrespect was suspended. 

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To my dog,


    Yesterday, my friends and I talk about the story of our dogs, which make me remember my late dog. You, my poor dog, Huanhuan, was dead on December 2005. In that time, I was devoting on an important examination. So, apparently I didn't move by the unfortunate accident, but my heart was broken whenever I remembered that I had lost my eight years' old friend forever.

    My parents and my gf had worse feeling than me, because they love you much more. I know you were not an excellent dog or pet, and you definitely failed to belong to the smart kind. However, you are loyal and honest, and you never bite any fitment, chair or shoes.

    I do remember: You used to peer at us to desire some foods to you, then you would be satisfied when getting a little chicken bone. You used to remind my father getting up early, but one day you mistakenly regarded me as my father and waked up me through jumping my bed. You used to ignore and look down upon every lady dogs you met, so you failed to have baby until your leaved us to heaven.

    we miss you, doggy. And I hope you could take care yourself in the heaven.


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Enumerable scientists indulged into the research of origination of human. Recent results disproved that mankind had originated in South Africa. however, some facts , according to archaeologists in the West , presented that Europe should be the center of mankind. Moreover, they argued that the oldest of humanity’s cultural pretensions should be European. Why are there so many different opinions about this problem?

The mainly reason, I think, is that nationalism urge many elites to promote this research. I ever heard about the arguments of origination of world war two, in which, different views of point emerged after the war: some people believed that because Europe was the main ground of war , it is inevitable that the time of German invading Netherlands should be the beginning of the war. But, some historian from Russia denied this ideal, insisting that the time of German invading Russia should be considered as the setout of the war. Even our country’s researcher suggested that the beginning of the war should be the time of Japan invading china. I don’t want to make it clear which is the validate conclusion, for in nature, the result of history is easy to be changed according to the various views and outlooks.
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As depicted in the picture, a blond, fashion and plump lady is appreciating the picture before her, in which a slim and charming young lady are making a fascinating pose. Under that picture , there is a new scale looked like never being touched or used. It’s unquestionable that the lady, who regard the picture as a mirror , prefer to imagine her unreal striking body rather than simply weight herself by that scale.


Any observer can find the implied meaning in the cartoon: people tend to be willing to deceive themselves by the false and imaginative reality , instead of revealing the true distant between the ideal and the real. I can think of no better illustration of this idea than the fact that a candidate seemingly could not acknowledge his merits and the deficiency of working experience or the other skills, when he make an application for a job. Reports from the government can also be a good instance. From these reports, the invalid and exaggerated data constantly were illustrated by the authority as facts which could definitely prove their achievement during the period of serving for people. Moreover, people have reluctantly accustomed to those superficial situation, and distrust any proofs and felled to take reports seriously in nature.


Some people has begun to trace the root of this miserable fact, but more attention should be paid to avoid this falsehood. One must not only forbid himself not to deliberately or unconsciously cheating himself and other people, but also largely denounce and despise those with the disturbing and frustrating attitude , which may easily arise in the cheating behavious.

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I have to persist in enduring the everyday busy life like recent days . Sometimes, I thought I should be divided two myself. One might be responsible for working and study, the other might enjoy my life.
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Compared with the Chinese elderly, why are there apparently more old people in America who pursuit independent life?

Although we have the fine tradition of respecting and raising aged people in china, the phenomena that different ages bring about the contradiction of ideas between old people and their children , has to be paid more attention. Likewise, the traditionally independent character in America, I think , is possibly attributed to fill the gap of the thoughts between the old and the young.

I conclude there are other reasons as followed:

First of all, living condition is the one of other main reasons. In china, with the increasing number of people, there seldom are the families which can provide spare houses for the elderly. This situation tend to lead them to reluctantly stay with their sons.

Secondly, the elderly Chinese have no belief or religion which can rescue people out of fear of death. They are unwilling to live alone, because no one can help them out of emergency. In spirit, they are discouraged to face death lonely without their relative’s cherisher.

Moreover, illiteracy is a problem among the elderly Chinese. Most of the aged people have no ability to acquire the knowledge from books except of some superficial TV programs. On the other hand, the barrier of communication impel them to connect only with a limited few friends. Therefore, they focus either on their family contradictions which are likely to anguish and frustrate them deeply., or on how to negatively avoid illness and death, which, to some extent, take a heavy burden on their mind.


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 When I decided to quit my full time employment it never occurred to me that I might become a part of a new national trend. My boring and repeating jobs that blocked my professional progress prompted me to abandon my relatively high profile career, although , in the matter of a responsible stuff, I covered my exit by claiming “ I like this job, but I feel tired ”.

 Nothing could persuade me to return to the kind of life that I used to enjoyed: 12 hour working days, pressing deadlines, the fearful strain of office politics and limitation of entertainment. I am blind to the result of keeping working in this company, for the better and higher position that I pursuit have to spend me more than ten years to promote with the method of working steadily and silently. So, I wonder whether it is worthy to going on.

 I am willing to change my lifestyle without cherishing the present position of keeping juggling through everyday. I will enjoy the real life.

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This problem is attributed to the lag of justice. Being a important part of superstructure on social system, law can not only react the economic base, but to some extent, determine the development of society. The system of justice in India is disable to sustains a certain level in which the economy can be developed flexible and effectively. People tend to wait for two or more years after the court finishes a case. Moreover, The law efficiency of justice department leads documents to be filled with the whole archives.

Ignoring the construction of law make it difficult for foreign investor to hold the confidence in India. They are willing to transfer their money from India to China, and believe the consciousness of law existing in Chinese exceeded the counterpart in Indian too much.
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These days, I am being immersed in a book, My Life, made by Bill Clinton. Every night I spend more than one hour on reading these books instead of watching movies.


I place a very high value on Bill Clinton who definitely did a great job when being a head of the states. His book ,My Life, traces the root of how to became a predominant governor without family prestige. He was born in a ordinary family. His father was dead in a traffic incidence before he was born. When he was a children, his step-father was sent to prison duo to drinking and assaulting his mother. But Clinton still had an affection for his step-father, who had a bad healthy and eventually died when Bill Clinton studied in college. Thereafter, Bill dedicated in studying and running for president, as well as exhibited his political genius to everyone.


To some extent, his success, I think, is contributed to education from his mother, who was a doctor and did a competent job. On the other hand, when being a college student, Bill Clinton ever served for a senator who affect Clinton’s thinking, ranging from anti-war and economic development. In addition, he was recommend to enter into Oxford and gain the scholarship.


I have read a half of this book, and I’ll continue to write my ideas about his life.

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It took me more than one week to complete this essay. Eventually, I integrated those scripts into one article.


Confidence and interesting are the most important factors when one learns a language or other something. I am afraid that you could lost those two crucial weapon after the phone interview. However, I know you’re definitely filled with enthusiasm like me when you typed comments in English, and you truly like to do so.

Actually, the communication by phone is more difficult than chatting face to face. Moreover, when confronting a non-native speaker, you have to take it for granted that your parter’s English is not better than yours if any barrier of communication exists between you and your parter. Confidence decide whether you make a success or failure.

When talking about confidence, it is easy for me to remember my first interview in a foreign company, Canon, a Japanese company. That day, when I stepped into the international exhibition center , what I could see was just one kind of thing, humankind. Although I could not imagine why there were so many young people who lost their jobs and desired to apply a new job, I was the one of them. I squeezed myself into various crowded rooms in which I could talk with interviewers, who regarded themselves as the role of the God, just more than one minute, if I had a good chance.

When I was pushed on the front of the small room of Canon, I found a vacant chair. A Japanese manager was sitting beside the chair. I was encouraged and cheered up by a thought that the interviewer's English must be worse than mine, although in that time, I have a bad oral English. Definitely, I use all kinds of way to present myself ranging from body language to writing down the words. Eventually, I made a success to get the chance of the second interview.


Within the next three days, I was prepared to handle this interview, including reciting materials, learning the background of the company, and relaxing myself. By that day, I drove to the Cannon company on time, and watched the modern surroundings of the company with amazement and fascination, and joyfully visited the Cannon's historic exhibition in the hall.

At the beginning of interview, I found There were three competitors sitting beside me, two ladies, one man. Moreover, The group of interviewer are composed of three people, two Japanese man, one Chinese woman. After the respective introductions, I knew the woman was the manager of human resource department, and ever participated in a TV program concerning the developing human resource in china. One Japanese was the general manage, speaking English with Japanese accent. The other was the manage of IT , who ever examined me and entitled me to this turn.

When they asked me whether we minded them interviewing us altogether, we all relied "Never mind". But we thought it was not a good style, for we could be influenced with each other and we had to answer the question without privacy.

At first, applicants made a perfect introduction and presentation. Two ladies’ English were all excellent, due to their oversea experience. Till now, I still don’t know why so many oversea students like them can accept a position of programmer, for I don’t think it is compulsory to go aboard for those who just want to become a programmer.


I paid no attention to two ladies' strong strength, because I considered them as a good speakers rather than a good programmers. But, from then on, I made a blunder on the judgment to the standard of prefect programmer.


Interviewer would choose two from us to enter the next turn , then eliminate one from two again, and eventually the last one would be their best choice. It may sound like Super Girl.


After more than one hour's representation and argument, we all replied different questions from respective points of view, including the different working experience, the way of handling emergency, the attitude of life, and the relationship with leaders and colleagues. The representing capital summarized we all did a good job, and favourably impressed them, but they had to make a choice according to the rule.


The result was announced. Two ladies were placed the higher value and got the chance to keep fighting. In fact, they deserved it. I don't know who is the final winner, but I blessed and encouraged them to keep going on when leaving the office.


As Kina saying, competition for jobs is very fierce. I was a loser at that time, but I understood that today's failure would become the experience of tomorrow's success.


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Last Saturday I had the opportunity to be a special guest BTV's Common Ground () program. Three other guests and I talked about being foreign teachers in China. The most exciting part of the program was that several of...
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By the way, I want to change my English name, for the reason that cc sounds like sissy, which means "soft".


My English name originated in the capital letter of Chinese name, which was nicknamed by my friend in the middle school. Since then, I have been called CC for more than ten years. But recently, a classmate remind me this mistake, which make me so embarrassed.


So I make a decision to renew my English name. I have found a optional name," Cid ",which is a hero's name. Moreover, I want to add "April" to the beginning of  "Cid", for I was born in April.


what's your suggestion? Could you give me some advice.
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It’s obvious that you have found your way of life, just like so many teachers in the New Channel. At the same time, I am happy and proud to meet teachers like you who impart not only language skills but the way of being a men.


The education is a profitable industry absolutly, but I definitly believe every teachers in New Channel school are pursuing the goal of building their students’ positive attitude and confidence toward the future rather than the reward of money and fame.


But, with remarkably enlarging and development of many schools in Beijing, such as the New Oriental School, their quality of education tends to be on the decline. Unfortunately, They begun to draw more attiontion to management and profit instead of focus on creativity and characteristic. For opening all of courses which possibly lead them to get more money, they are likely to ignore what they are good at. Moveover, people who is genius in teaching are limited and difficult to find out, but the market based on students is unlimited. When they have to utilize limited resourse to satisfy unlimited requirements, the level of quality is bound to decline gradually.


I never doubt whether the New Channel will gain sccussed in the recent future, for the school has owned the best teacher, the abundant experience, and more importantly the strong spirit of perseverance. However, I just worry about the persistent progress of our school. Therefor, I hope a prefect beginning can be accompanied with unceasing advancing.

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Although failing to pass the translation examination hold in this early year, I still deem that I have completed the mission . I got the grade of 54 in the translation part which is more than the most of translation practitioners who has working in this industry for several years. I am not only an undisputed amateur , but also never take apart in the any practice. However, when confronting competition, I am brave, confident and never suspect my ability in this field. Definitely, I like English, and I am fond of reading foreign news, learning their culture and appreciating their movie. But, I am not a zealous worshiper absolutely.

I've planned to keep trying to attend the examination. I trust that I have progressed in translation skills through the blog writing and enlarging the vocabulary during recent consecutive months.

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Constantly, I chatted with John in his blog website, who is the vice president of new channel school. He is a great and responsible man, replying my every question patiently, and inspiring everyone who was in the plight. I'll support this respectable teacher and his school as what I ever did.

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Long time no write something, for too busy am I, although I never imagined the fact that I would live more than one week without writing any thing.

In recent days, I had to complete my every damned task arranged by my manager without delay, and obey him, so as to let him high. Sometimes, to some extent I reluctantly regard us, including all of employees in our company , as hookers, who have to comfort the clients and do utmost to make them believe themselves playing a great role of god. The distinction between me and other stuff is that I am more difficult to be tamed and persuaded than others definitly.

Oh, but ,unfortunately,there is no time to complain, for a reason that It's time to work.
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When arguing how many English words one have to remember, I suggest that the number should be the mount of Chinese words you never forgotten. A great deal of vocabularies which you just are enable to recognize but not to write it in your native language, should not be spent much time on exactly remembering. For example, you should never mind you can spell down the word 'garlic', for there are so many Chinese who are disable to write the Chinese word '蒜',unless they are not chefs. This is a simple theory.

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On the noon, I reluctantly ate some instant foods instead of the delicious lunch, and drove my girl to a secondhand book store 5 kilometers away, for I promised gf to accompany her to buy some reference books she needed. I intended to come back as soon as possible after taking her to there. 

However,when wandering in the store, I unconsciously picked out the book, named My Life, by Bill Clinton . I can't help browsing the book which not only is the English version, but was looked not very dirty. I decided to purchase it, for I keen on collecting the original books in recently months. The book sold at 20 yuan, but my incredible girl merely spent 13 yuan on the book. When looking up carefully, I was fascinated by Bill's autobiography, which was divided more than thirty chapters according to the time of life ranging from a baby to a great man. The accidental gain pushed me to make another decision that it should be read at a speed of one chapter per day.
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