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Eclipse 3.0/3.1

Subclipse releases for Eclipse 3.x are hosted at our update site. Add as an update site in Eclipse's update manager (which you can find in the Help menu).

The update site itself can be downloaded and used as a local update site as well. Simply unzip the site archive, and add the path as a new "Local Site" in the Eclipse update manager. You can also host your own internal Subclipse update site by placing the site on your own HTTP server (be sure to update site.xml appropriately).

We also provide instructions for installing Subclipse in Eclipse 3.x

Eclipse 2.1.3

Subclipse is linked against Subversion 1.1.4. Binaries for Windows are included.

Development for this version of Eclipse is no longer active. There are no new releases planned.

Download the Eclipse 2.x version