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Last night, I got the book Pragmatic Software Testing-Becoming an Effective and Efficient Test Professional from www.freebookspot.com. I am instrest in the title.
Recently, most development team try to use the agile process in the development. And most of them are test driven. I also have done many effort to the test. But I still can't do the job well. I hope this book will give me a new vision on the software testing. This page will record my reading note. As you know I can't have the book finished in a short time, so this page will keep updating. Thanks for your reading, If you have any questions and suggestions, plz give a comment.

Book Structure

The book was divide into 6 parts, as follow.

Part I - Goals, Strategies, and Tactics

Part II - Risk-Based Testing

Part III - Static Testing

Part IV - Behavioral Testing

Part V - Structural Testing

Part VI - Appendices

Reading note

Part I
Obvious Quesions will be ask, but in many time there is not obvious answer to them. What is effective software testing? What is efficient software testing? What is software testing, anyway? What is quality?
The answer is important, bacause Your answers to these questions determine what you expect to do as a tester. Other people’s answers to these questions determine what they expect you to do as a tester. Having common expectations up, down, and across the organizational chart and throughout the project team is essential to success. Without such commonality, no matter what you do, someone’s sure to be disappointed. With common expectations, you can all strive for the same goals, and support others in their endeavors.

Effective as “producing a decided, decisive, or desired result; impressive.”
Efficient as “productive of the desired effect; especially to be productive without waste.”

Should look at test effectiveness and efficiency from the project perspective, not the test subproject perspective.
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