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----------------------vocabulary: celebrity lifestyles----------------
high salary
luxury goods
world travel
new career paths
advertisement campaign
perfect body
---------grammar focus---using voice for emphasis----------
"Star Struck" is a pharse we use to describe someone who gets very excited,
nervous or shy when coming close to meeting with a celebrity.
-------marilyn monroe------
autobiography states many truths about the star.
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------------------A blockbuster hit!-----------------------
types of films
blockbuster box office hit
cult film
straight DVD (not show in cinema)
independent film
---------------grammar focus----------------------------
I thought the acting was poor.
The story line was lacking any exciting twists.
----------------language point---------------------------
A blockbuster  is a type of aerial bomb that if it explodes
destroys a large area.
In USA if we say a movie is a blockbuster then we mean the movie
 was a  huge hit or success.
lower budget film.
I feel the acting is better as the stars are still pretty down to the earth.
--------culture point: movie reviews
the people who write reviews take everything into consideration
and if the movie has famous stars who perform weakly then
the review will generally slate them.
Also ,if the movie has a huge budget for creating the film and the final product
is poor then again, the reviewers will be pretty harsh in their words.

It is very difficult for movies in the west world to get good reviews unless they
are absolutely out of this world.

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--------------------what's wrong---------------
    deep in thought
    exhausted: completely tired
    furious:extremly angray
    high strung
    in great pain
    nostalgic(not use commonly)
    moody:change mood quikly
    out of it: it is not focus on what they are doing
------------------------------grammar focus------------------------------
 to "feel under the weather" is to feel sick or emotionally depressed.
if you are not too close to someone and they ask you what's wrong, you
could tell them you are "feel under the weather", you didn't need to go into details.

--------------culture point---------------------
Happy pills
some people say that America is a prozac Nation.
Prozac is commonly called "the happy pill",because it helps
get rid of depression.
      Every year  different brands of "happy pills" earn 5.5billion.
some people complain that  it's not rignt for doctor to give everyone happy pills.
There are problems that cannot be ignored or hidden.

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i need to lose weight fast
vocabulary:  fad diets
fad diets
zone diet
south beach diet
sugar buster
the pritikin weightlose breakthrough
cabbage soup diet
grapefruit diet
bevery hills diet
food pyramid
      sugar fat
grammar focus
    Not sleeping enought can result in poor concentration.
    Having too many things to do can result in stress levels increasing.
    Too much unhealthy food and not enough exercise can cause people to put on weight.   
-----------------language point---------------------------
we often refer to them as "hellow legs".
This is because they eat loads and loads but never seem to put on weight.
H2O ,hydrogen,oxygen
hygrogen combines chemically with oxygen to form water.
Living things can not live without oxygen.
what about cabbage soup diet or the grapefruit diet.
i want to lose weight but i want to do it sensibly.
surely they can be that bad if you follow them properly otherwise they wouldn't so  popular.
----------------------your own intake------------------------
    we served some crakers and cheese as an appetizer.
main dishes
side dishes
------------------listening passage:who's  to blame------
and metabolism will simply return to normal and cause you gain the weight again.

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clothes and occasions
suit tie,formal shoes,dress shoes,dress shirt
althletic wear
jersy(for basketball)
----------------------grammar focus------
"for" to indicate purpose
for work, i wear a company uniform.
for going out with my friends, i like to wear fashionable clothes.

n, he has no intention of changing his mode of attire.
v,the bride was attired in white.

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where is it?
hang out
    i am hang out to bars with my friend.
night club(dance floor)
amusement park
    there are ferris wheel, roller coaster in the amusement park.
---------------------grammar focus: prepositions
i put the keys on top of the kitchen counter.
he is standing above the pen.
he is hiding below the table.
she is across the street from me.
don't stand  next to the man cooking stinky tofu.
you are standing beside your chair.
they are by the super market.
i am stuck between a rock and a hard place.
they are already inside the nightclub.
------------------language point
 between a rock and a hard place
-----------------culture point
24-hour dinners
     A "dinner" is a small , informal restaurant found in many parts of US.
    They are usually independently owned, and offer cheap but greasy food.
    Many of them are open 24hours, which means that they're a popular hang-out spot
for young people who stay up all night.

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worldwide festivals
eater , diwali, hannukah, ramadan , pass over
eid, tanksgiving , spring festival, national day
----------------grammar focus:during, for,in,over,throughout--------------------------------

a stress free occasion

they came back after all the hustle and bustle and they wash and take bath,then went to bed.

-------culture point
america is still quite a young country made of   up of various races,ethnicities and cultures
and most months of year will have some festival celebration that  allows all americans to learn about

------------diwali festival---------------
diwali is an Indian festival also known as the festival of light, as it is common practice to light
small oil lanterns and place them around the house,garden ,balcony,and even on the roof tops.

throughout the various provinces in india .

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living on a shoestring
out flow
-------------grammar focus,repositions after adj
i am good at living on  a buget.
he is worried about being able to get a promotion at the end of month.
they are sorry for not being able to help you in your time of need.

most people are worried about whether housing price will goes up or down.

------------language point
live on a shoestring
    A "shoestring budget" refers to someone whose resource are limited to
the laces of his or her shoes.
   it basically means being extremely poor.
   Someone live on a tight budget can be said to be "living on a shoestring".
go the street stalls, and stay in youth hostel,make a day to day plan on where to go or what to do.

it was nice to meet people who were in the same boat.

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    aisles and shelves
    fresh produce,(produce here is noun,emphasis the pro pronociation)
    freezer section, forzen section
    deli , delicacies
    bar code
    shopping cart
    checkout line
    grocery store, detergant spong
grammar focus
    packet/pack of chips/cigarettes
    can of coke/soup
    bottle of water/beer
    box of chocolates/tissues
    kilo/pounds/ounces  of tomatoes
    couple /few of bananas
    jar of peanut butter
    carton of milk
   language point:
        to put all your eggs in one basket means to risk everything on one person or one thing.
   if all the eggs are in one basket and the basket breaks, all the eggs will broken.



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is rommance still alive
candle-lit dinner:
    candle light is not strong ,it's a soft light.
flowers and chocolates
    a bunch of flowers 
    a box of chocolates, a piece/bar of chocolate
    vt,the mother cuddled the baby in her arms.
    vi, she cuddled up to him to get warm.
love letters 
teddy bears
    it's a sample of love and affection
listening to jazz
   he improvised a song about the football team's victory.
drinking wine
    in china wine is called wihte wine , it's made of rice , compare with the west, the wine is made of grape.
going to the theatre
    go to the theatre to watch a play(actor and actress they act ballet/music/operal)
    go to the concert (hold in a big hall)

writing poetry
walk in the park
cooking a meal together
weekend trip
language point
"Head over heels" is a common phrase that people use to show that they are feeling in love.
 can you tell the different between heel and ankle
culture point, date night
in Newyork city , monday night have been informally named "Date night"
and many single people go out for date either for fun(to meets some  nice friends)
or more commly in search for romance and love.


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house decoration
    peach blossom(fruit)
    lily tree (flower)
    make the house more comfortable
    look good
 install toilet
    hook the pipe,turn the water on.
but we don't use install in any situation,
    for example,put the wihiteboard togther.

    pillow,which make our head feel comfortable
    comforter , which keep us warm when we sleep. it's thicker than sheet
    sheet , sheet is thin and was puted on the mattress
    mattress  is at the bottom these things but on the bed, and comforter is at the top of all.
    it's besides the bed,was put againt the wall,we will put lamp ,alarm clock,
     and it has drawer
    sofa and chair are different, chair can only sit one person, sofa could sit more than one person.
    has no backrest.
 coffe table
    table is always roud ,and people can sit around it,
    desk always put against the wall.
dinning table
    it's used for eating,have dinners, meals
arm chair
    it has arm rest on it which is sth to rest your arm.
    it has the door,we can keep sth in it,
    a store shelf, a book shelf
   it's a kind of furniture, you can put clothes , pants,shoes in it
    closet is a part of the room and it was not big ,you can put your colothes in it 
and walk in it ,and put clothes on  in that room.
grammar focus
    positional preposition
the coffe table goes in infront the coffe table
    in front of
    next to
    on top of
    across from : the shoe store is across from the bank.
Language point
    "to maka a bed" does not mean to build it, but rather
to put the sheets,blankets, pillows in order after a night of sleep.

hook up with    
    i hook up with 3 gril at the same time.

safe, vault
the worker put a mental bans around the safe.
a bank vault

    I'd like the table that folds into the wall when you're not using it.
    I have shelves built  into the wall too, to save the floor space.

culture point:Ikea
   founded in sweden in 1943.




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did i overreact
personality traits
    annoyed, this work really make me annoyed
    stressed out ,my boss make me stressed out
    confused, this problem make me confused
    calm, please calm down, rational(logical),
    stay calm
    get upset, if this phrase use to describe a girl ,it always mean the girl is crying or bad mood
          but if this phrase use to describe a man , it means he was lose his temper.
friendly   generous    serious,    ambitious, honest , humorous,
industriou, an industrious and frugal family
grammar focus
talking about possibility
 "can be" talk about reaction "if" or "when" a condition is met.
      she can be very optimistic even when things go wrong
       we can be very laid back if work is not too busy.

language point 
    hot headed  means a person can get angry very easily and very quikly.

    i am so annoyed today, my job is getting on my nerves.
    my boss really stressing me out.

   calm and collected
   the asian react more calm and collected when they met some emegency situation.

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vocabulary,cultural do's and don'ts
write names in red ink
tip the waitor
    bus  boy , clear the table
    bar tender, mix your drinks
    valley parking
blow your nose in public
show the soles of your feet
touch someone on the head
eat food on the street
ask someone's salary
kiss someone's cheek to say hello
grammar focus
should , shouldn't do something


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sports fanatic
vocabulary:sports fanaticism
team colors uniform
go to stadium
watch the game
song chants
team spirit
grmmar focus: using not just
being vegetarian is not just about the animals, its about my health too.

dialogue: are you watching the game?
    at the exact the same time
    the art course stimulated me.
    a sheet of  metal was shaken to stimulate the noise of  thunder.

scarf scarves

culture point: fanaticism

activity: create your own team chant

passionate about
when ti comes to major tournaments such as super bowl
paint their faces or dye their hair in the team colors

but rivalry between teams can be intense.


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the dating game
first date
blind date
single - casual- serious- couple
    I'm bored.
    He is boring guy.
    go on a adventurous,means try new thing
    she was in a serious relationship.
    she wanted to be relationship, but........

grammar focus
    using so for emphasis,to make a point stronger or clearer we can use:
So + adj
    my first date was so romantic
    her blind date was so disappointing
so much+ noun
    that was so much fun
    that was so much trouble

 language point
    get on like a house on fire, is a pharse used to mean that two people get along very well.

     the girl came out the  bath room with her skirt tucked into her underware.



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you look like your mother

i see/hear/touch/taste/smell
that look/sound/feel/taste/smell like

do you have any siblings you are similar to?

telling people apart

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mind you p's and q's
    no elbows on table
        don't hold up your chin by your hand.
    ask politely to pass condiments.
        tomato saurce,mustard saurce
        condiments is something be added a litte bit to flavor the food.
    eat with mouth closed
        don't let others see what are you eating in your month.
    don't make noises when chewing
        chewing means use tooth to break out food
    ask to be excused from table
    don't talk with your mouth full
        others can't hear clear what you have said,
        and the food might spill out from your mouth.
    don't start eating util everyone is at the table
    wash hands before eating
        you don't get sick and won't pass sick to others.

grammar focus: negative phrases for positive actions
      you shouldn't slurp soup from the bowl

language point
    if someone is eating messily,(make the food fell out from bowl or mounth on the table)
    greedily(eat too much),
    and without taking their time to enjoy eating we can say they are eating like a pig
    (means not chewing and tasting , shovel the food quikly)

culture point:relax
    most restaurants and dinner parties these days are fairly relaxed and more laid back than before.
 formal banquet or formal restaurants are the only places where extreme etiquette may still be used.

   the truth is ,these days,table manners are mainly used to teach children to be well-behaved at the dinner
utensil ,common utensil means the public utensil .


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In summary, you should avoid soft and hard parses as
much as possible because they inhibit the scalability of applications.

The result of a parse operation is a parent cursor and a child cursor stored in the library cache.

The key information related to a parent cursor is the text of a SQL statement.

several SQL statements share the same parent cursor if their text is exactly the same
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Is that a No
gestures and meanings
    shake head,side to side or left to right
    shrug shoulders,
    yawn,means sleepy tired,bored
    cross arms, means angry,no
    nod head , no 
    wave hands
    cup ear
    finger to mouth
    furrow eyebrows
grammar focus:degrees of probability
                                            a little likely
it might/may mean he's bored                  maybe it means he's bored          
it could mean she's angry                        perhaps it means she's angry
it must mean he agrees                            it probably means he agrees
                                            very likely
A common saying in English is "action speak lounder than words",
it means that what you do it more import than what you say.

i presented my project outline to her.
she didn't make eyecontact with me once during the entire meeting.

pick up what  people are taking.
i don't mean to offend you.

    referee make sure player  follow the fule of the game.
body language varies quite a bit from country to country.

in Asia, when gesturing for someone to come here,you should do it with your palm down.
in the U.S.,however,that might be misunderstood as "go away" because come here is usually
done with palm up.

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It was silly
on of my collegues is about to leave.
    this topic is mainly talk about insult sb,and the opposite is compliment
brave:  fearless ,courage
    MMA , mixed martial arts. it contains a lot violent.
    sb like to do cruel things to others.
wicked: similar to cruel,
    it is very wicked of the boy to tease the girl.

        we will make some silly mistake at work.
    eg: my boss often said some means word to his employees.
         one of my friends is a mean person, may be his intention was good, he just want to ask to hurry up or other, 
     but he don't know how to express in a proper way.
    child is a little selfish when they are small.
    the judge must be fair to everyone in the court.
grammar focus
to describe your feelings about someone or a situation,you can use the following construction.
it+be+adjective + (of +object)+ infinitive
it was selfish of you to eat the last piece of cake.
it will(definit)/would(posibility or hypethetical situation)  adj of sb to do sth.
      you could say someone "thinks the world revolves around him or her" if this person
is very conceited or selfish.

I hope my future wife should have a sense of humor.

people in the west sometimes see Asians being reserved with their emotions,while they themselves 
display what they feel very openly.


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