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      Recently,Web2.0 becomes a hot topic,what's web2.0?It's a website just named "what's web2.0",but you couldn't found the definition on this site.It just discusses the topic.
      On the wikipedia the Web 2.0 technologies defined as:


  • CSS and semantically valid XHTML markup
  • Unobtrusive AJAX Techniques
  • Syndication of data in RSS/ATOM
  • Aggregation of RSS/ATOM data
  • Clean and meaningful URLs
  • Support posting to a weblog
  • RESTian (preferred) or XML Webservice APIs
  • Some social networking aspects (share your data with friends, etc)


  • The site should not act as a "walled garden" - it should be easy to get data in and out of the system.
  • Users should own their own data on the site
  • Purely web based - most successful web 2.0 sites can be used almost entirely through the browser

      In my personal opinion,Web2.0 is not a new technolongy.It is just  a mode which pay more attention to user's communion.
      There is a PPT  for download,it is designed by Jim Cuene who organized a salon to make discuss of web2.0.

Filename                      Size
MiMA.1.part1.rar       1423KB
MiMA.1.part2.rar       1423KB
MiMA.1.part3.rar       127KB

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      This is my new blog which I used to make notes for my Java study.I will write down my experience in the course of my study and work.
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