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在今天早些时候访问 callisto 的主页(http://www.eclipse.org/callisto/ ) 还可以看到一个发布倒计时, 现在发布时间到了, 倒计时的钟表也不见了, 还是没有发布, 只是留下一句话:  Callisto is coming soon


呵呵, 可能是在做一些后期处理工作给耽搁了吧. 看看wiki上的时间表(http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/Callisto_Final_Daze ), 如下:


Friday 6/30

09:00 EDT

  • Denis to do a mirror-site sanity check. How many? Are they all done? Assuming all is well,
  1. (re)enable cluster sync
  2. All confirmed "go" with note to cross-project, committers lists
  3. Put web pages live, make announcements


watch eclipse.org servers glow red, especially build server


go have a beer -- to celebrate, if all is well, else, to cry in :)


哎, 不知道今天可以看到发布不.

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