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对于不喜欢使用Glassfish的原配持久层支持(TopLink)的朋友。现在可以替换调他了,下面屈指可数的几步告诉我们如何使用hibernate来持久化数据。偏爱Hibernate的用户也给 Glassfish一个机会哦

Use Hibernate as a persistence provider with Glassfish

from http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/GlassFishPersistence#use_hibernate_as_a_persistence 
As you must be aware, Glassfish currently has Toplink Essentials as the default persistence provider. The question that frequently gets asked is: How hard it is to to use Hibernate as the persistence provider with Glassfish?
The answer is:  Not at all :). Just drop couple of jars reqired by Hibernate in the lib directory of Glassfish and modify your persistence.xml to use Hibernate as the provider and you are ready to go. Lets walk through the steps:

1. Download and install glassfish milestone 6 build or later.
2. Download and install Hibernate3 3.2cr1 or later.
3. Download and install Hibernate EntityManager 3.1 beta7 or later.
4. Copy the required Hibernate jars into Glassfish lib dir. The script here contains the list of jars.
5. Update your persistence.xml to use Hibernate as the persistence provider. Here is a sample persistence.xml
6. Deploy and run your application.

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