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1. 创建一个嵌套的过滤器

.filter(":not(:has(.selected))") //去掉所有不包含class为.selected的元素 

2. 重用你的元素查询

var allItems = $("div.item");   var keepList = $("div#container1 div.item");  <div>class names:  $(formToLookAt + " input:checked").each(function() {     keepListkeepList = keepList.filter("." + $(this).attr("name")); }); </div> 

3. 使用has()来判断一个元素是否包含特定的class或者元素

//jQuery 1.4.* includes support for the has method. This method will find   //if a an element contains a certain other element class or whatever it is   //you are looking for and do anything you want to them.  $("input").has(".email").addClass("email_icon"); 

4. 使用jQuery切换样式

//Look for the media-type you wish to switch then set the href to your new style sheet   $('link[media='screen']').attr('href', 'Alternative.css');   

5. 限制选择的区域

//Where possible, pre-fix your class names with a tag name   //so that jQuery doesn't have to spend more time searching   //for the element you're after. Also remember that anything   //you can do to be more specific about where the element is   //on your page will cut down on execution/search times   var in_stock = $('#shopping_cart_items input.is_in_stock'); 
<ul id="shopping_cart_items">   <li>   <input value="Item-X" name="item" class="is_in_stock" type="radio"> Item X</li>   <li>   <input value="Item-Y" name="item" class="3-5_days" type="radio"> Item Y</li>   <li>   <input value="Item-Z" name="item" class="unknown" type="radio"> Item Z</li>   </ul>  

6. 如何正确使用ToggleClass

//Toggle class allows you to add or remove a class   //from an element depending on the presence of that   //class. Where some developers would use:   a.hasClass('blueButton') ? a.removeClass('blueButton') : a.addClass('blueButton');   //toggleClass allows you to easily do this using   a.toggleClass('blueButton');  

7. 设置IE指定的功能

if ($.browser.msie) { // Internet Explorer is a sadist. }  

8. 使用jQuery来替换一个元素


9. 验证一个元素是否为空

if ($('#keks').html()) { //Nothing found ;}   

10. 在无序的set中查找一个元素的索引

$("ul > li").click(function () {       var index = $(this).prevAll().length;   }); 

11. 绑定一个函数到一个事件

$('#foo').bind('click', function() {     alert('User clicked on "foo."');   });  

12. 添加HTML到一个元素


13. 创建元素时使用对象来定义属性

var e = $("", { href: "#", class: "a-class another-class", title: "..." }); 

14. 使用过滤器过滤多属性

//This precision-based approached can be useful when you use   //lots of similar input elements which have different types   var elements = $('#someid input[type=sometype][value=somevalue]').get();  

15. 使用jQuery预加载图片

jQuery.preloadImages = function() { for(var i = 0; i').attr('src', arguments[i]); } };   // Usage $.preloadImages('image1.gif', '/path/to/image2.png', 'some/image3.jpg');    

16. 设置任何匹配一个选择器的事件处理程序

$('button.someClass').live('click', someFunction);   //Note that in jQuery 1.4.2, the delegate and undelegate options have been   //introduced to replace live as they offer better support for context     //For example, in terms of a table where before you would use..   // .live()   $("table").each(function(){     $("td", this).live("hover", function(){     $(this).toggleClass("hover");     });   });   //Now use..   $("table").delegate("td", "hover", function(){   $(this).toggleClass("hover"); }); 

17. 找到被选择到的选项(option)元素


18. 隐藏包含特定值的元素


19. 自动的滚动到页面特定区域

jQuery.fn.autoscroll = function(selector) {   $('html,body').animate(     {scrollTop: $(selector).offset().top},     500   ); } //Then to scroll to the class/area you wish to get to like this: $('.area_name').autoscroll(); 

20. 检测各种浏览器

Detect Safari (if( $.browser.safari)), Detect IE6 and over (if ($.browser.msie &amp;&amp; $.browser.version &gt; 6 )), Detect IE6 and below (if ($.browser.msie &amp;&amp; $.browser.version &lt;= 6 )), Detect FireFox 2 and above (if ($.browser.mozilla &amp;&amp; $.browser.version &gt;= '1.8' )) 

21. 替换字符串中的单词

var el = $('#id'); el.html(el.html().replace(/word/ig, '')); 

22. 关闭右键的菜单

$(document).bind('contextmenu',function(e){ return false; }); 

23. 定义一个定制的选择器

$.expr[':'].mycustomselector = function(element, index, meta, stack){ // element- is a DOM element // index - the current loop index in stack // meta - meta data about your selector // stack - stack of all elements to loop // Return true to include current element // Return false to explude current element }; // Custom Selector usage: $('.someClasses:test').doSomething(); 

24. 判断一个元素是否存在

if ($('#someDiv').length) {//hooray!!! it exists...} 

25. 使用jQuery判断鼠标的左右键点击

$("#someelement").live('click', function(e) {     if( (!$.browser.msie &amp;&amp; e.button == 0) || ($.browser.msie &amp;&amp; e.button == 1) ) {         alert("Left Mouse Button Clicked");     }     else if(e.button == 2)         alert("Right Mouse Button Clicked"); });

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