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A connection factory is the object a client uses to create a connection with a provider.
A connection factory encapsulates a set of connection configuration parameters
that has been defined by an administrator. A pair of connection factories come
preconfigured with the J2EE SDK and are accessible as soon as you start the service.
Each connection factory is an instance of either the QueueConnectionFactory
or the TopicConnectionFactory interface.

With the J2EE SDK, for example, you can use the default connection factory
objects, named QueueConnectionFactory and TopicConnectionFactory, to create
connections. You can also create new connection factories by using the following
j2eeadmin -addJmsFactory jndi_name queue
j2eeadmin -addJmsFactory jndi_name topic

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The only functional difference between the two is that the agent can obtain the
self-description strings encoded in the dynamic MBean. Attributes and operations
are associated with the explanation that the programmer provides for them.

MBeanInfo:  Top-level object contraining arrays of metadata objects for all
MBean elements;also includes the name of the MBean's Java class and
a description string.

MBeanFeatureInfo:  Parent class from which all other metadata objects inherit
a name and a description string.

MBeanOperationInfo: Describes and operation:the return type, the signature
as an array of parameters,and the impact(whether the operation just returns
information or modifyies the resource)

MBeanConstructorInfo: Describes a constructor by its signature;

MBeanParameterInfo: Gives the type of a parameter in an operation
or constructor signature;

MBeanAttributeInfo: Describes an attribute:its type,whether it is
readable,and whether it is writable.

MBeanNotificationInfo: Contains an array of notification type strings.

From Sun Docs.

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